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Blind Gatherings Peaceful Protest an Oxymoron

Blind Gatherings Peaceful Protest an Oxymoron 

Tuesday 6/2/2020

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Tuesday Day 7 June 2 of Chaos Anarchy and Violence Trend    Bling Gathering Trend        Curfew Trends

What is an anarchist? George Floyd demonstration, peaceful protest to violence and chaos, destruction to terrorism. George Floyd a porn-star and security guard may have died a week ago but remembering what he stood for is shrouded in mystery and chaos.

Remember the time when Jesus Christ told his Apostles what the signs of the end times would be? Jesus Christ said to watch for the signs when evil is called good? It looks like when we are here. He also said to watch out for the word 'Peace.'

a whole new evil agenda chaos destruction by megatrndz

Sugar coating a bad situation may be as bad as when Jesus Christ said 'though they have eyes to see they can not see'.

What is the new Peaceful Protest? What is the new media term of Window shopping?

June 1 2020 Day 5 of Chaos and Anarchy

Watch video below at  1:03 minutes are the reporter calls the "new window shopping"?

#looting #protests #nyc
Looters strike luxury shops around NYC before curfew sets in

The Hagman report gives further insight of why 'its about to get very ugly' sounding the alarm to end destruction is a must in this day and age.

Looters turn on each other, fight over clothes

June 1 2020 Sixth Day of Civil Unrest
Dozens of Cars Stolen From Dodge and Owner Dealer knows where the cars are roaming around.

One reason that Jesus Christ is coming back again? The majority of the people during Jesus Christ time were mainly non believers of Jesus Christ. One reason Jesus Christ is close to the Second Coming are the list of things happening and how quickly they are unfolding.

Day seven of Civil unrest in most part of the United States

John 3. 1: Now there was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, ... 5: Jesus answered, "I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless ... You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. ... the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil

  1. Lover's of self godless people
  2. Angry People, Binding
  3. Stealing is portrayed as a random trend
  4. Not Abiding to the Law, Torah and Word of God

  1. Lover's of Self

The Apostle Saint John writes in the Gospel of Saint John chapter 12 verse 41-42 New Jerusalem Bible version:

Isaiah said this because he saw his glory, and his words referred to Jesus. 
And yet there were many who did believe in him, even among the leading men, 
but they did not admit it, because of the Pharisees and for fear of being banned
from the synagogue: they put human glory before God’s glory.

Israel’s Survivors, The Remnants, 'What Would Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai, Yeshua Jesus Christ say? Triumphants'; pp 215

2. Angry People, Binding

You reap what you sow. (We are Sowers, 'What Would Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ Say? Triumphants' , pp 246)

What is being bound on Earth will be bound in Heaven? (Mt 18:18) But if you reap only madness and chaos you are only contributing to the plan of the Evil One. And for that a judgment will be near.

It also means that what is happening in the unseen world is being sown by the godless one which are easier to deceive and manipulate the masses. (Mt 24:36)

The Blind cannot guide. In the Gospel of Saint Matthew 23. Like when Jesus Christ told the Pharisees that they were blind leaders.

Mass protests and mayhem continue into a sixth night; thousands nationwide are arrested during weekend

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