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Convoy of Truck Keep Passing the Prairies

  Human Crisis Trend Convoy of Truck Keep Passing the Prairies Veronica Davis 2022-01-26 The Vaccine Mandate continues to be a Human Crisis worldwide. People do not want the temple of your body to be ran by Governments. Remember Jesus Christ mentioned the body being the Real Temple. A convoy of trucks is passing by the central part of Canada. The Truck convoy will be passing by in the next few days as it is said they will meet in Ottawa, Canada to question the current Justin Trudeau Government. It has been said that 150,000 trucks will be heading there from now to January 29, 2022. People are asking why the Government of Canada is enforcing the vaccine. In General, the Vaccine is being challenged by most people in Canada who refuse the vaccine. The vaccine is said to be a dna game changer to society. The cutdown to society by the elite. Restaurants in Canada are empty. Line ups in Canadian testing vaccine sites are also empty during the December and January 2022 media fed Omnicron.

Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai Submerince Volcano Erupts January 14 2022

Climate Chaos Trends      State of Emergency Trend Volcano Eruption Trend   Tsunami Trend Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai  Submarine Volcano Erupts January 14 2022 Sat, 2022-01-15 Entire West Coast on Alert of Tsunami after the violent eruption of Submarine Volcano. Volcanoes currently active: erupting: 28 warning: 13 unrest: 37 normal / dormant: 1368 Can Hypersonic Missiles cause volcanic eruption? Just 3 days ago, NK sent out two hypersonic missiles causing the American Airlines to hault for 7 minutes.  The one strange thing about this is why are there no earthquakes around the volcano which is concidered normal? screenshot In the past 24 hours there has been no major earthquakes around Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'Apai region. Submarine volcano located 149 m / 489 ft in Tonga, Tonga Islands, -20.57°S / -175.38°W Similar Reads: Hypersonic Missile Lauched by NK January 12, 2022 Evacuation Order Issued for #LordHoweIsland . Land Threat for #Norfo

Healthy Trend: Medieval Town of Rothenburg ob de Tauber Jog and Run

 Healthy Trend Medieval Town of Rothenburg ob de Tauber Jog and Run Veronica Davis 2022-01-13 Beginning the New Year with a healthier lifestyle is important not just for our health but for our mind and Spirit. It is not just about what we read but what we do with our bodies. This year I will be posting more of my experiences of keeping fit and yet being educated by famous trainers around the World.  I have been exploring new areas and loving it.  In the year of  October 2021, I was able to visit Dubai and be part of the World Blockchain Summit in the United Arab of Emirates. Heading there from Canada was a long and exhausting trip. Getting there meant visiting new countries that I have never visited before.  The Covid-10 pandemic meant I was not able to get out of the Airport. But what I was able to do was  experience the touch down of culture for the first time in France and Germany. While in Frankfurt, Germany, my experience was not pleasing. The police presence inside the Airport ga

Hypersonic Missile Lauched by NK

NK has been delivering weak messages to the West. Weak because it has not met its target. However, a game that is very dangerous to Nature and Humanity.  Over the past 10 years the missile test aiming all off the West Coast of Canada and United States has long been in the making. Breaking News January 10-12 2022 Well Known host of behold Israel has announced breaking news of yesterday lauch of North Korea 700 kilometer Hypersonic Missile. Air Traffic was halted for 7 minutes. This has not happened since 9/11. Behold Israel. Video Nbc news reported it 10 hours ago. It is 6 am winnipeg central time. See  North Korea launches 2nd missile after hypersonic missile. This was posted 20 hours ago. See #NorthKorea #News #NightlyNews North Korea Tests New Hypersonic Ballistic Missile posted on Jan 11, 2022 Panetta: North Korea Developing Capabilities That Are "challenging" Missile Defense

Celestial Trends: Luz de Maria Prophecy

  Celestial Event Trend Prophecy Trend Coming Illumination Trend Black Out Trend Planet X Trend Blood Moon Trend The Great Warning: llumination of Consciousness by Veronica Davis 2022-01-11 In many prophecies of Luz de Maria, Our Lady Mary has been telling her what has been occurring and what is to come. We are living in those End times. Because we are already here in those times. Today many of those prophecies have been  trending online years. Some of the most famous of Luz de Maria Prophecies are similar to the Garabandal Prophecy and can be found in various places online. The trends mentioned on this website has been convering most topics in her Prophecies. I too have seen these visions in a dream that I described about in my book, "Triumphants, "What would Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ say?'. Luz de Maria talks about a coming Comet in 2023 to 2021 that will make Earth Impact. The comet that will be 7 kilometers in diamete

Start off the New Year with a Healthier Lifestyle

  Start off the New Year with a Healthier Lifestyle 2022-01-06 For the first week of the year 2022, it is important to start it off on the right foot. Doing exercise everyday is just as important as the fuel that our bodies need. If you have not done exercise in a while begin with what you can manage at the moment.  You can begin with a slow walk, then begin speeding your walk everyday. Getting an etiquette exercise will leave you feeling happier for the rest of the day. Once you have accomplished walking continue your to reach higher levels of exercise by adding a 30 second jog in between your walking period. Progress throughout the weeks with longer periods of jogging periods in between. Next thing you know you will begin to increase your jogging periods and walking will become a thing of the past. Reward yourself each time you reach the higher levels of exercise by gifting yourself with comfortable exercise attire. Find warm exercising material such as cotton and polyester. Keep spr

Thanking with Love As the Year 2021 Ends

Clothing Trend   Thanking with Love As the Year 2021 Ends   by Veronica Davis 2021-12-30 I love the LORD, because He hears My voice and supplications. Psalms 116:1 'Love' was Jesus Christ's theme throughout his life while he walked the Earth over 2,000 years ago. It is also because he is pure Love. Today, A day before 2021 year ends and we are off with a New Year. As I searched and opened up the Sacred Bible, God Almighty opened up my eyes to this Biblical verse from the Ancient Book of Psalms 116. In order for God Almighty to listen to our prayers and create miracles He needs to know that We Love Him. How do we do this? We can show him the appreciation we have for all He has done for Us this year.  I know for me Jesus Christ has kept me Healthy and Strong this past year. He has not turned his back away from Me. I keep him daily in my prayers every night and when I wake. I say a short phrase,  " Thank You God for All that you have done for Me" or &quo

Matching His and Hers: Loving Flamingo Long Sleeve Jean Shirt

Clothing Trend   Matching His and Hers: Loving Flamingo Long Sleeve Jean Shirt by Veronica Davis 2021-12-17 If you are one of those that love to match, this is a great gift for any couple who is not afraid to show off. The Veronica Davis Mix and Match collection allows this great opportunity for anyone who loves style and great quality design. Flamingo is a hot trend and what a lovely gesture to show to everyone your affection for the other. When I was designing this, I thought about comfort and who does not love the never ending casual look of jeans and in a long sleeve that will keep you warm. But I could not resist the flamingo stamp of love. You will see flamingos everywhere and that is because they are such stylish creatures.

The Longest Partial Lunar Eclipse in 600 years

 Celestial Trend    Blood Moon Cryptocurrency Trend Human Crisis Trend   Bioweapon Trend   Chemtrail Trend Biological warfare Trend   Atmospheric Geoengineering Trend  Bioterrorism           Bioengineering The Longest Partial Lunar Eclipse in 600 years by Veronica Davis 2021-11-19  #supermoon #bloodmoon  (2021-11-19) Did you know that the longest lunar partial eclipse is happening at dawn on November 19, 2021. What is also unique is that during this full moon the color will look red, also called a blood moon. This is also the first eclipse in the eclipse season. If God Almighty is not telling us something today then I do not know who is? Today is not only November 19, 2021 with the numbers 1 and 9 being the emergency numbers worldwide; we are also experiencing the longest full partial eclipse moon in over 600 years.  In the central part of Canada, such as in Winnipeg the Moon began to make its glory at around 4:30 pm central time with its marvelous look. I was mesmerized by

Hear from World Blockchain Summit Experts speak of Defi

Cryptocurrency Trend Hear from World Blockchain Summit Experts speak of Defi by Veronica Davis Thursday 2021-11-12 Updated 2021-11-18 When does Open Finance meet DeFi ? Well if you do not what the word DeFi means than it is important to know that first. This October I attended the  World Blockchain Summit 2021 in Dubai and there were many strange words used on stage almost sounding like acronyms. The fact is that many of the words used were mostly invented by the techno people. So not really that much of a foreign language.  You may have already come across that word reading online and perhaps paid little or no attention to it  such as DeFi. So if you do do not know what  'De', stand for than  'DeFi' will make no sense. The word DeFi is mostly used by the originators of technology. Because we are living in the Crypto world than words like Defi will be among many other crypto words used today. World Blockchain Summit Dubai  Panel Discussion October 12,2021 'De' m

New Book on its way Know Crypto Talk before you Invest

Crypto Trend  New Book on its way Know Crypto Talk Before You Invest Veronica Davis 2021-10-27 #crytocurrency #defi #wbsdubai $ETH $BTC The Digital World of Money has been shifting years ago. You may have heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The covid-19 pandemic has not put the digital world asleep. In fact, the pandemic pushed the digital currencies around the World to a new direction where many made millions from  cryptocurrencies investment. So being at home during a pandemic paid off for many. The Digital currency first took off in 2012 from its home base as Bitcoin $bitcoin being a digitally American Crypto currency and Ethereum $ethereum being a Canadian digital currency.   If you do not know what the World crypto currency is all about, you may have noticed the tone of this blog has changed. That is because I am currently working on my next book about my experience and trip to a far away land in the UAE in Dubai. How my involvement with the crypto currency world came not as m

No proof of Vaccination what you may want to know?

  Human Crisis No proof of Vaccination what you may want to know? 2021-10-21 updated 2021-11-22 Please note visiting government website for up to date information for your country snapshot date 2021-10-21 from French Government Website note subject to change at any time If you would like to travel but do not know where to go. Well you  may consider the green colored  countries. Not all countries around the world need to see proof of vaccination. Arrival to Dubai Dubai is one of the countries listed as green. What does that mean? This means you can go without being vaccinated. The trick is to not do any connections with the red countries which require proof of vaccination like United States. If you do make the wrong connecting flight than you will be not allowed to enter country you are connecting flights. For example, if you are going to your home country Canada and are coming from Dubai, your connecting flight home is Minneapolis in the United States. For the unvaccinated in