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Human Crisis Day 5 ukrain War Monday Feb 28. 2022

Human Crisis Ukraine War Day 5
Monday Feb 28 2022 4 am

Day 5 Time 12:38 p.m.
Monday, February 28, 2022 (GMT+2)
Time in Ukraine

Putin threatens a nuclear war. Today on Aj discussion of Putin's secret weapon called Satan2 is capable of exploding a size like Texas in seconds.

At around 15:00 or 3 pm negotiations will begin at Belarus Border after Putins Threat. He has agreed to meet with Ukrain President.
Meanwhile Putin may have fired a high military command that was holding back the nuclear threat.

Ukrainians Held Back

Lviv, Ukraine

Ukranian civilians prepare in the streets with bottles filled with styrafoam and other explosives. Fox reporter shows ukrain students making Molotov cocktails

People flee by foot. Others stuck in traffic jam.

An american man walked for 20 hours to get to Poland from Ukraine. In an interview he says that people that fled by fooy have no food or electricity in winter. More refugees entering Poland

Ukraine Invasion Attack

Kyiv low flying fighter Jets seen
Bucha civilians note  russian tanks left damaged as on their way to city of kyviv

Roads are unsafe to evacuate says resident of Kharkiv. Second city currently being invaded by russians. Russian tanks are being seen by residents.