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Rumors of War Human Crisis Russia at War with Ukraine

Day 1

Full Scale Invasion is on ground in Ukraine. Around 5 am Ukraine time February 24 2022 a war has broken out in Ukraine. Fox news reporter 10:20 pm February 23 2022 explains a tweet sent by Marco Rubio that two of Ukraine largest cities is being targeted with ballistic missiles by Russia. Military base and airport has been the target strike. Marco Rubio

To clarify what is underway is a full scale & comprehensive military assault throughout #Ukraine Airborne & amphibious landings,missile strikes from air,ground & naval forces, electronic & cyber attacks & a large ground for
twitter screenshots wednesday february 23 2022 11:20 pm

At this time air in ukraine is suspended. This comes minutes before Vladimir Putin sends mitary generals underground bunkers. Watch beyond israel The news has surfaced live discussions on ukraine crisis as emergency discussion at the unitednations

 All in development. Ruptly has been live Watch on wion

People in the  #Ukraine are now under martial law as they have been told to stay indoors. However streets are jammed as the air sirens are going off as of 6 am. Citizen Evacuations half an hour before midnight western time.

Other tweets surfacing today social media of footage of missile size of a car:

shows that #Russian Air Force has conducted a SEAD/DEAD operatation. This is wreckage of a Kh-31P anti-radiation missile found in #Kiev. In use by Su-34 strike bombers, this missile can destroy radar systems of air defense sites from distance of 110km.

Screenshot of video feb 24 2022

6 hours later Thursday Feb 24 22

It is now around noon time in Ukraine and about 6 hours. Passed since reports of first missiles. Cnn is reporting hundreds of casualties as result of missiles.

Eventhugh Putin said it would not strike civilians. 

3 more cities added. Now up to 5 cities now attacked.See video

La luz de Maria had mentioned the tentacles of evil for days earlier. See revelaciones de Maria. We must all prepare ourseleces Spiritually first then Physically. Food prices will increase.