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What is in a label?

  Are we reaching the "cold heart" measures what Jesus Christ refered when talking about the last days? 

Because of  the increase of wickedness the love of most  will grow cold but the one who stands firm in the end will be saved

matthew 24:12

Talk about people calling people racist or masoginist? 

If we look back during Jesus Christ time did the word " racism " even exist?

Could that have been  a term created by the 'globalist'  such as the 'tower of babylon' type of people?

Everything in this generation needs to be questioned..why.. because when we stop asking we might as well be dead?  We learn when we ask. Jesus Christ asked us to be more like the children. Innocence allows us to be free hearted and light hearted when we do not fear in asking questions and when we are free there is no fear in life in asking.

Take your time in liking or listening to links below expanding our minds to freedom of thought: 

what is happening?