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Fashionista occultist trend

Fashionista occultist trend


#BalenciagaGate  #Balenciaga #occult

Has Fashion gone too far? Is Fashion just one of those idols that people should avoid ? Be warned that children are being exposed not only to the occult but to evil cults. Carrying  fake babies in the most distasteful way is becoming a  dark trend. It is the psychology behind the elite and ancient corruption behind it.

What is in the dark always comes to light. Jesus Christ taught us this. For the runaway collection the theme was stepping into hell. Dead looking models carrying bondage teddy bear bags and fake babies with bloody cloths was the trend.

And for whatever reason it is unclear what Balenciaga campaign was suppose to stir, a new sinister culture and shock value or just normalizing  crime.

Dark symbolism going back to the times of ba al, a heathen god that did child sacrifice.  Ba al a  appears first in 2 Kings 10:19 and is mentioned more than 77 times in the Old Testament of the Bible. 

We all saw the mechanical bull running on stage for the 2022 Birmingham ceremony. 

What exactly is behind the balenciaga voice ?

It depends what part of the world you are living. In the U.S the advertisement has been  taken down.

But Google searches show in other countries such as Italy the images on the balenciaga website are still up.

These images include  a child in the middle of plenty of balenciaga merchandise. It  can reference to exactly just that. Howevet, the Children are being ignored and are the big elephant in that room of the advertisement. But it is who is behind these advertisement that take it to a sinister side. From modeling agencies to perhaps wealthy occultist families.

Do the sinister elite want an adaptation of their occultism. Take for example granddaughter of  the Gucci clothing empire founding families. She confesses in a video that she was exploited by her family from the age of 6.

In one of the latest Balenciaga child photos a tape with the word baalenciaga is seen on the floor. Meaning ba al.

In 2016 Rachel Chandler Guinness is having ties with Jeffery Epstein. Her then new  casting modeling Midland Agency was behind Balenciaga 2016 runaway models. Rachel Chandler is married to Tom Guinness, of the famous Anglo Irish brewing family. His sister is  Daphne Guinness a socialite. She along with Marina Abramovich, Lady Gaga and famous doorknob/ scarf suicide victims and fashion designer L'Wren Scott and Alexander McQueen are all friends and cultist.

The rachel husband family had ties with Hitler associates. Balenciaga original designer had connection with fascist leader. Hitler was a Satanist with a strange cult background.

Just who owns Balenciaga a fashion group kering. François-Henri Pinault  owns Kering. He is married to actress Salma Hayek. Just what kind of man is he. He impregnated supermodel Linda Evangelista while SLma was pregnant with his child too.


rachel getting married: the photographer weds tom guiness in the english countryside; vogue june 5 2013

Lady Gaga and artist dauphne guiness pose provocatively as singer celebrates late designer alexander mcqueen; daily mail,  january 2016

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