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Frida Sofia

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  Frida Sofia is Real!  

 2017-09-24 11:18 am 

Frida Sofia is a little girl that has become a controversial story after Mexico City's Earthquake.

At 28 km from Axochiapan, Morelos, Mexico · Sep 19, 1:14 PM On Tuesday, as the Earthquake demolished one building after another, one particular building caught a world wide  attention from the press. An elementary school called Enrique Rebsámen rumbled to the ground. Burying most children over 20 children died and are still be searched on. For the first few days, civilians as volunteers became part of the mission to save the children buried alive.

Frida Sofia is real Frida Sofia Dominquez Vazquez P1

Frida Sofia is real not fake P2

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 As parents gathered around the school one story lost attention when it was claimed by the press that a little girl Frida Sofia never existed. The press claimed that there were never any parents present claiming this little girl named Frida Sofia and therefore the search for her should stop. The story was later squashed when the president of mexico twitted that there was a search dog named Frida. And so the reporting of Frida Sofia story disappeared in fact she did not even exist.

In most recent reports, the volunteers have testified on video that Frida Sofia does exist.
watch video or

A facebook page shows a photo of  Frida Sofia Dominquez Vasquez and her classmates.

Frida Sofía sí existe, yo hablé con ella : Afirman Brigadistas #FridaSofia
LA VERDAD lo que oculta TV Azteca y Televisa de FRIDA SOFIA (SI EXISTE)

In the most recent video where a rescuer claims that Sofia Frida has been rescued and that all they want is the parents to come get her,

Rescue of Frida Sofia Ledezma, from the School Rebsamen

On Wednesday, September 20, 2017 the rescuer from below claims that he heard a little knocking and said her name was Sofi. The rescuers is claiming that after the military and navy came they have been doing an excellent job but want to carry a medal around their neck.

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 So after a catastrophe like this, volunteers and civilians whom are the real heroes have been pushed away by martial Law as the Military wants to do their job but is it too confusing and life threatening for the real victims buried below. Confusion like the story of Frida Sofia is very common in times like catastrophe's like the Mexico City 7.1 or 7.4 earthquake on Tuesday September 19. 2017.

Frida sofia otro rescatistas confirmar que si es real sismo mexico

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