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 World's Most Dynamic Glaciers Melts in Record Pace

by Veronica Davis


It looks like once again global warming is not just true but surprising everyone at an alarming rate. To all conspiracy theorists and doubters out there it is becoming an easier topic to debate. Almost a decade ago, there was a denial on earth's glaciers ever melting. Today, you can find hundreds of articles proving this theory wrong. It already is being reported that seventy percent of west Canada's Glaciers could be gone by 2100, and if we make the calculations that is in 85 years from now. This would mean that our children will only be reading and viewing photos about what once was Glacier. Or perhaps becoming like an Atlantis.

The world is breaking temperatures, take for example Summer  of July 2015, it is being the recorded as the hottest month ever according to NASA.Another theory of why the glaciers are melting at an alarming rate is to blame the underground hidden volcanoes.

I am sure that there are so many  other contributing factors that are enhancing the glacier's  melting speed. The truth is that studying the glaciers rapid melting pace cannot justify anything once it is gone. As scary as all this sounds,   one cannot ignore these events. With the most recent event  begins
with a name and a date. Its name being  Jakobshavn Isbrae Glacier, its date being August 2015.

The Image above posted on Artic Sea Ice Blog on August 14, 2015

Jakobshavn Isbrae Glacier

For those of you who are unfamiliar Jakobshavn Isbrae is the world's most dynamic glaciers and it is Greenland's fastests-moving glacier.

NASA reported that :

Since 2000, Greenland has lost some 739 gigatons of ice, and approximately 30 percent of that loss came from Jakobshavn and four other glaciers. ...Jakobshavn has contributed one millimeter to sea level rise between 2000 to 2011 from calving events like this one.

NASA also reported a calvin event back in May 2014 going back more than a century of observation.
Goddard glaciologist Kelly Brunt, explained the May 2014 event to a " trend that goes back more than a century. Jakobshavn receded more than 40 kiometers (25 miles) between 1850 and 2010," Kelly Brunt also pointed out that  in the "summer of 2012, Jakobshavn  accelerated to speeds not seen before surging at a rate of 17 kilometers ( 10 miles ) per year." Because of its premature chunk of ice loss to the glacier, the statistics of just how many kilometers it has lots is not yet being recorded.
But one thing is for sure, the newsmedia like Washington post and the Weather Network are already reporting this event as a historical ice loss to sea.

Sea Level Rise

The Jakobshavn glacier alone will contribute to sea level rise "than any other single feature in Northern Hemisphere. Just how much has our sea level has risen is one to speculate. But I am sure that sooner than later the results will change probably even before we hear it in the main stream media reports.

Another Glacier called The Thwaies Glacier, will increase global sea levels by 1 to 2 meters.
It is just a matter when.

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The 2002 Documentaries listed below are over a decade old and back then scientists were shocked to find out that an Antartic ice shelf the size of Manhattan could collapse in less than a month.

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On May 28, 2008, Adam LeWinter and Director Jeff Orlowski filmed a historic breakup at the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Greenland. It is probably one of  the largest watched views on Youtube.

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See what rising ocean levels will do to Canadian cities

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Hot Trend : Depopulation

"The reason for centralization of power may not be 100% clear" journalist and host of Youtube's Dark Journalists Channel introduces his latest August 20, 2015 topic on population control. A hot topic discussed all over the world. The Dark Journalist Channel post:

In this special Dark Journalist episode he welcomes back the Best-Selling author of Population Control, Crossfire and Rule By Secrecy Jim Marrs for his third appearance on the show. Jim lays out the case in this deep interview that corporate overlords are employing methods of depopulation to fulfill their plan for dominating the world and creating a permanent slave class out of the citizens!


The depopulation topic has been analyzed, criticized and made into several hot documentaries. The most recent documentaries are found on youtube and netflix called The Human Experiment, Addicted to Plastic and GMO OMG. Usually discussed as depopulation but sometimes searching for topics such as GMOs, Fracking, Geo-engineering, Chemtrails, Pharmaceutical Addiction, Vaccines, Police Militarization and Media Control, and other one world agenda topics. Most of these mentioned topics are usually heavily researched and leads to depopulation control. All of these documentaries lead to the conclusion how the public is at large in harms way. Because all these topics have gained world wide attention there is a push for new acts. One of these acts are found in Washington, USA called the Children's Safe Product Act such as discussed in the Netflix's "The Human Experiment" documentary. Laurie Valerino leads a group to lobby for the passage of Children's Safe Product Act. The Bill would require companies to report chemicals of concern in Children's Products.

The Human Experiment

FilmBuff Movies.Published on Mar 16, 2015

Destroying Nature's water

Toxic Contamination into Earth's beautiful waters is one of the latest devistating issue that can end into depopulation. The most recent example happened on August 10, 2015 where millions of drinking water for the Western States in the United States is contaminated with arsonic lead, mercury and other heavy metals. Three Million gallons of toxic chemicals spilled into hundreds of miles of river water and into three startes(1). A spokesperson said that " Damage sometimes doesn't show up until months or even years".

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Trending Nibiru Planet X Nemesis

Updated Saturday August 22, 2015

Published on July 30, 2015 just a little over a month ago amazing new footage is found on the RealityNews Youtube Channel. In the filmed called  Planet X (Nibiru) and the soon coming pole shift by RealityNews,  Bob Fletcher an  investigator connects politics, money, fraud, corruption and underground facilities with Planet X.

 July 31, 2015

Planet X (Nibiru) and the soon coming pole shift by RealityNews Published July 31, 2015
August 27, 2015 30,228 views

Bob Fletcher recalls an American Politician from the Secretary of Defense named Donald Rumsfeld . In September 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld publicly announces trillions of dollars of money not found and missing from the Department of Defense Pentagon. There had also been speculation of the gold at fort knox vanished.

Bob Fletcher  recalls in the 1990's, films of underground tunnels being built all over under the United States.  This tunnels cost trillions of dollars to construct costing over a 1.3 trillion dollars every 2 years (10:28 min) with a total of 131 active U.S underground military base and 1477 worldwide in 1995. One person that came out with this truth in Preparedness Expo Sept 22- 24 1995 was Philip Schneider ( see full video called Philip Schneider- underground Alien Bases ( Full Version) on Youtube Channel Equalification Productions

1995 Underground Tunnels

 In the Preparedness Expo Sept 22- 24 1995, topics such as Earth Changes: Prophecies and the Days to Come Natural Disasters, Food the International Medium for Power, The Ozone and For Peace of Mind in our changing world (Preparedness Expo 1996) were discussed.

Philip Schneider, a Former US Government Geologist and Engineer and Suvivor of the Alien Human War at Dulce, New Mexico had been a guest speaker at the Prepareness Expo. He exposed black projects with underground bases at A 51, S-4  and Los Alamos and the New World Order. He claimed to be one of only three people who survived the infamous Alien/Human War at Dulce and Los Alamos, where 66 Government Agents and Workers supposedly lost their lives in August of 1979.For the last two years of his life he gave lectures about supposed classified information, including UFO's to the media and general public. Philip Schneider was found dead in his apartment on January 17, 1996. Some people claim that he was murdered. Project Camelot has a tribute page on Philip Schneider.


Bob Fletcher explains in detail of Russians 5, 000 underground facilities that can hold as many as
40, 000 people and the United States has hundreds of underground facilities all around.

 It is not until at 34:49 minutes into the  interview Bob Fletcher discusses in fuller detail Planet X:

researchers are paying attention now ditsy time line in 1983 being approximately when it really was seriouslya accepted in washington that this thing was coming back and it's got a really to a number on the earth period it will constitute know which  floods once again the earth more than likely will end up chill King 26 degrees on the axis a first to biblical accounts and the worldwide accounts going back to the old emperors in China who wrote the sinks down in diaries and they literally tracked what they called the flaming dragon or the visiting star they track said across the sky for the 155 days that it took to go around the sun is back out jarring that period of time on the entire global there was global reaction old floods crazy weather me dear storms fires everything that you could imagine and by the way one reason that they know that it was a 26 degree shift to the axis is that one of the a particular thing called the call the sky just was discovered The biblical term is wormwood, Bob Fletcher explains that this meteor will create unbelievable tidal waves and bring gravitational pull.

Posted Sunday August 16, 2015

Nibiru Planet X Nemesis Rouge Star A Comet GABRIEL’S FIST More clear appearances of this strange planet. On Saturday August 15 2015 15:31, website a short informational article called Breaking News: Nibiru Fully Visible Now!:

just don’t seem to be sufficient, but as the Clergy of Lord RayEl warned, Nibiru is now FULLY VISIBLE, exactly when we said it would be.

In the videos posted below Dan Flynn has posted several years of research about this topic. Steve Quayle has also done extensive research and can be found

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On August 14, 2015 NASA Mistakenly Confirms Nibiru at NEOWISE Conference is the latest Nasa TV Youtube video.

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u pic farms a popular trend home page It's just an Evolution Spread the word!

Veronica Davis'


U Pick Farms Growing Trend

August 13, 2015
by Veronica Davis

If you are in North America, I am sure you have heard of a hot growing trend to do for Summer . You may think that farming may not be your thing to get out and do. However you pick your own selection of fruit is becoming a hot trend. What exactly is that. It is growing in tourism. Wether you are a tourist or a new comer to Canada or finding something to do this summer a hot get out of things to do on your list is u pick style farms. It is a fun and healthy thing to do. Its like getting your own fruits at the grocery store. Back in the 1960'S it was unheard off. But the the late 1990's the farmers began offering the experience and it exploted. People were loving the u pick your own cherry farms. Nowadays there are all types of fruits and vegetables you can pick yourself. The farms that are doing the you pick yourself business will stick with one or two varieties. Up in Canada you will find strawberry and raspberry fields ready to pick in the hot Summer Winnipeg months' of July to Lavender fields in New Mexico. There is a different picking season for each type of variety of fruit so make sure you know when to plan your trip.

It was a hot July day, and I mean hot over 30 C my son and I went for the first time to this style of farm. In Winnipeg, Manitoba I visited Boomstarm farm. As we entered the property it felt a little strange and overwhelming. But one grew out of the feeling already in the property.

Located in Stonewall Manitoba , it did not take that long to get there. A large signage reading " Boonstra Farms" with a full parking lot led me to believe we had arrived our destination. There were visitors from all kinds of ethnic backgrounds and it gave the welcoming feeling.

The parking lot divided two different fields full of people picking out of different bushes. Looking to the right side of the parking lot people were picking from the ground while to the left side of the farm people were standing up behind bushes. I couldn't tell which side seemed to be the most popular. My son pulled out the recently bought Sun UV protection umbrella which was going to be our only protection from the hot sun rays. Having arrived just after lunch when the sun is at its hottest, We were warmly greeted by a young girl ready to answer our questions. At first it seemed a little confusing and overwhelming which side was the strawberries or raspberries. What should we choose. There was a large truck full of empty carton boxes. I asked the young girl about price . If i wanted to fill a full box it was $6 / strawberries and $12/ raspberries. My son loves strawberries so we decided to go for it. Curious to see the farm, we decided to walk around .

There were large trees and more people on one side of the farm than the other. I asked a stranger if he knew where the strawberry section was located. He pointed over to the other side of the parking lot. The man mentioned that there were barely any strawberries to pick. Although I was disappointed to hear that there were hardly any strawberries left, seeing the other people over the strawberry fields made me optimistic. And our mission to continue on our strawberry picking trip grew once again with excitement. Not only did I find the exercise healthy. I was a theraputic somewhat entertaining. A wonderful new outdoor entertainment.

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North Carolina U-pick Farms and Farmers Markets

Looking for farm fresh local fruits and vegetables? North Carolina has scores of U-Pick farms and Farmers Markets all across the state where you can get everything from apples to zucchini. Check out all the agritourism opportunities at