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EMP Trend talk in the United States

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May 20, 2019Emp Microwave Weapon Blackout Trend May 2019
(2019-05-20) Emp talk of microwave weapon and blackout trend is discussed in marfoogle news. Boeing is a company developing advanced microwave weapons disabling electronics within an hour. Keith Coleman of Boeing Phathom Works Champ , project manager says that "This technology marks a new era in modern day warfare."

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This Blackout projectile will be the last

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Eleven 10 km depth earthquake Trend May 2019 Trend

10 km depth earthquake Trend May 2019 Trend

10 km depth earthquake Trend May 2019

Getting Close to Extinction Level CME Disaster

Climate Chaos Getting Closer to Extinction Level CME Disasterby Veronica Davis 2019-05-16
May 6- 16 2019 Solar Storms Severe Level closer to Extinction

If you are wondering why helicopters are falling down, airplanes crashing and flights full when they are not, and aurora lights  all have in common one thing is for sure, the sun?

( Thursday May 16, 2019) Today it is the last day of the largest Solar Flare

On May 10, 2019 Solar Rare blue aurora lights was seen from Alberta, Canada all the way to the Great Lakes Michigan, United States. If you are wondering why the word rare is being used here is because it is due to a Solar Flare hitting the Earth not seen since 10 to 20 years ago. This event is not only rare it is dangerous, the solar spot is called sunspot AR2740  .

Solar sunspot AR2740 left on May 6, 2019 . The AR2740  arrived on Friday May 10, 2019

Megatrndz has theCME Trend to explain it all.

While it was a decent 15 degree Celsius is the mid Canadian province it is reaching almost a…