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After Irma's Aftermath

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Breaking News: Alabama now State of Emergency accepted by President Trump 4 pm tonight


 2017-09-11- 2:48 pm 

As the Hurricane Irma left the Florida State 1, 000,000 people still without electricity and still not a safe place to live. It was at some point described as a Humanity Crisis as certain parts of the area where it was a category 4 looked like a ghost town of despair and destruction. By mid day, today damages was already reported in the Naples Florida area.

Jacksonville:  As tides grow, and Hurricane Irma passes tides as high as 23.3 ft cause Jacksonville to flood and yet lots of rescues was happening.  Damage in Miami Dade of building's roof completely gone and flown to another property on Sunday 2017 -09-10 10:37pm. Watch Video below Jacksonville 23 ft waves Hurricane Irma

Brickell Road/ Hurricane Irma in Tampa Now Sept 11, 2017
At 7 :15 am As Hurricane Irma creeps in  Tampa's coastline there are threats of storm surges .
Florida Keys: The scenes described in the Florida Keys has been a Humanitarian Crisis.
Key Largo No Power For 52 Hours in Key Largo.

North Bay Village :  
Curfews were lifted by 7 am this morning however, situation was still dangerous. Flooding had not receded in some communities and crocodiles were seen running wild into anywhere where they could find and hide in street water .Reporter head out this morning in Miami near North Bay Village, Watch Aftermath of Irma, at Plantation Keys near Tavernier

7 am Irma Floods Downtown Miami 86 mph Winds Kendall 25 ft high Waves
A Nightmare before the Catostrophe of Irma
Monsterous Irma Wipes Keywest
Dangerous Hurricane Irma Live Feeds
Janet Jackson visiting Shelters in Houston