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Dangerous Hurricane Irma Live Feeds

With our Lord's protection   may all the citizens of Florida and Cuba bring peace in a moment of turmoil.

Live Feeds Hurricane Irma

2017-09-09 7 pm update 8:50 pm

As Hurricane Irma has killed hundreds of people in the Atlantic Ocean, hidden islands off the map and now heads landfall to the United States all while you are asleep tonight. Just a week ago, Irma's hurricane gfs models showed it was heading about now to Philadelphia, and New York Coastlines, now it has taken a westward turn to the Tampa Area, and the state of Georgia.

Hurricane Irma will go down in history as a catastrophic  and alarming natural disaster of all time. Not to mention the amount to fish life that will probably die once it is done. Now what to expect, will Hurricane Jose be as dangerous.

Terrified and Concerned Evacuated Citizen of South Florida watch live feeds aroun the area as the worst Hurricane Irma a Category 5 approaches bringing floods this evening and destruction next.

Escape Florida Saturday Morning Hurricane Irma heads to Florida evacuating ghost towns #irmageddon

Extreme winds churn the sea as Hurricane Irma approaches Miami

LIVE Florida Hurricane Irma HD Stream- Ultimate Hurricane Tracker Webcams, Port Cams: Key West

Huracán Irma en vivo a Florida / IRMA LIVE STREAMING FLORIDA U.S.A LIVE WEBCAM by Mundo Viral


Hurricane Irma Southernmost Point Key West Live Cam

Live Stream: South Beach, Miami Beach Hurricane Irma Webcam

 At this point Hurricane Irma, according to the National Hurricane Center:

8:00 PM EDT Sat Sep 9 Location: 23.3°N 80.8°W Moving: WNW at 7 mph Min pressure: 932 mb Max sustained: 120 mph

The day has been looking as night for several hours in Cuba and Key West, Florida As Seen in screenshot taken from live feed at the wave height is being recorded at 7:20 pm near La Habana, Cuba coast as      26.8 ft. As seen as well the winds speeds gust near Key West , Florida are already starting to take effect and inland flooding began as of 5 pm today.

The eye of the storm of Hurricane Irma is closest to San Jose de los Mameyes, Ponce, Cardenas y Varadero, Cuba     and about       80 51 w away from La Habana.

Tension arrives at Cuba as Americans in South Florida are By 10 pm tomorrow evening the expected path of Hurricane Irma will be as picture depicted below at 26 degrees 33 North 81 degrees 44 West away from the following cities #Gateway 3.3 km away, #Three Oaks #San Carlos Park and #Villas.

So as the State of Florida is in a State of Emergency there are about 12 Presidential Assassination Threats/ Attempts/ or Security Issue.
screenshot 2017-09-09- 7 pm