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IRMA Moving Northward Near FT. MYERS

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IRMA Moving Northward Near FT. MYERS

 2017-09-10 7:00 pm  

Chasing the Eye of the Storm of Hurricane Irma has been a tremendous burden to many that have left their whole lives behind in the awful care of bad Irma. With its responsibilities, Irma's eye ball moves at a speed of  14 miles mph and creating wind gust over 155 mph. As Irma made astonishing moves from the Florida Keys this morning at 4 am to now Fort Myers, Florida 7 pm tonight. In its fury it has left over 4 dead in Florida and 25 in the Caribbean reported deaths and 2 water spouts near the East Coast of South Florida.

Hurricane Irma September 10, 7PM
According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Irma moves :
...IRMA MOVING NORTHWARD NEAR FT. MYERS... ...DANGEROUS STORM SURGES EXPECTED IN AREAS OF ONSHORE WINDS ALONG THE FLORIDA WEST COAST... 8:00 PM EDT Sun Sep 10 Location: 26.7°N 81.7°W Moving: N at 14 mph Min pressure: 942 mb Max sustained: 105 mph

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