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 MAPS the World's Largest Marine Protected Area   

2017-09-22- 4:56 pm update 9:00 pm

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It is an urgent call and a crisis the melting of the north pole icebergs. Imagine a sanctuary where this is no seismic activity or commercial control and where marine life can roam and live freely and breath clean fresh waters like in the time of God's first Creation.

About Parvati, and MAPS: Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary

Is it possible. And how can you contribute to allow this beautiful creatures like sea lions, penguins, polar bears, whales, dolphins and other marine life to roam zenful. Just think of one simple word, MAPS. joins MAPS marine artic peace sanctuary

MAPS stands for the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary Treaty, it will be the world's largest marine protected  area located North of the Arctic Circle . And at 3 % of the ocean's waters is still not enough. Just to be a little more precise Nine million square km, over half of the Arctic Ocean’s surface area sounds like alot right! But in the article report entitled "MAPS: Tallurutiup Imanga/Lancaster Sound Marine Protection Is a Tiny Sliver of the Marine Protection " Pavarti founder of says in its September 2017 issue:

We need to think on much bigger scales and much more ambitious timelines to keep our planet safe and healthy...We no longer have the luxury to work incrementally towards urgently needed protection. MAPS is not an end goal, but a baseline necessity.

 The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) is a simple and immediately effective solution to preserve biodiversity while also helping the polar ice regenerate. MAPS establishes the Arctic Ocean as a permanent international marine protected area free from commercial fishing, natural resource exploitation, seismic testing, military activity and through shipping traffic, while continuing to respect Indigenous cultural activities such as subsistence fishing. The MAPS Treaty has been translated into all six official UN languages, provided to all 193 UN member states, and shared with officials at COP21 and COP22. Citizens of all nations are urged to sign and share the MAPS petition at, and to call on their governments to ratify the MAPS Treaty immediately.

Climate Week NYC September 18-24 2017

On September 20. 2017 The reported in "Melting Arctic ice cap falls to well below average":

Ted Scambos at NSIDC said the Arctic sea ice had set a record for the smallest winter extent earlier in 2017 and was on track to be close to the 2012 record minimum until July. But a cloudy and cooler than normal August slowed the melting.

“Weather patterns in August saved the day,” Scambos said. The fast shrinking Arctic ice cap is increasingly thought to have major impacts on extreme weather patterns much further south, due to its influence on the jet stream. Floods, heatwaves and severe winters in Europe, Asia and North America have all been linked to the Arctic meltdown. “It’s bound to have an impact on global climate,” Scambos said.

Photo of Giant Berg a-68

Then today, news reported that the big Antarctic Iceberg The giant berg A-68 looks finally to be on the move.

World Largest Network of Marine Parks

In the South Pole, Countries around the world  take responsibility along their coastlines in designated protected areas. Such as Belize, island nations in the South Pacific, Cuba, and countries in the Caribbean.  All these countries, preserve marine parks  and protect breeding areas for marine species both in and around the water.  1.17% of the worlds oceans is protected, the other is left for the animals and nature to defend on their own where the results are pollution and deaths creating a trail of disaster.

Australia's Commonwealth marine reserves covers 84.3 million hectares in 2007, an increase of 58% from 53.4 million hectares in 2000. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, off the coast of Queensland, is Australia's largest marine reserve managed by the Commonwealth government and covers an area of more than 34 million hectares. find out more 

Around the World Marine_protected_area as of October 28 2016: Hobart, Australia, the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources agreed to establish the first Antarctic and largest marine park in the world encompassing 1.55 million km2 (600,000 sq mi) in the Ross Sea.[4] Other large MPAs are in the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans in certain exclusive economic zones of Australia and overseas territories of France, the United Kingdom and the United States, with major (990,000 square kilometres (380,000 sq mi) or larger) new or expanded MPAs by these nations since 2012—such as Natural Park of the Coral Sea, Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, Coral Sea Commonwealth Marine Reserve and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Marine Protected Area. When counted with MPAs of all sizes from many other countries, as of August 2016 there are more than 13,650 MPAs, encompassing 2.07% of the world's oceans, with half of that area – encompassing 1.03% of the world's oceans – receiving complete "no-take" designation.[5] 

On September 21, 2017 Author Charlotta Lomas speaks about Climate Change who decides?

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