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Sept 10 Strange Sky Sounds: Apocalyptic

Sept 10 Strange Sky Sounds


On September 10. 2017  The windows of my home were closed . The sound and vibrations was continual, lower pitch then higher pitch.  Everyone must know that after 9 pm the city does not allow noise . Which means anyone found violating this law will be penalized. So when that strange sound is humming like a siren in the middle of night it magnified. It has not been the first time I have heard this sound in Canada, Winnipeg. So if i was to match the sound it sounded like the one reported with the most recent sound like in the below video on Aug 20, 2017 Franklin NC. So the sound definitely came from out of this world. Not a sound you can get used to. It is unpleasent, annoying, and almost like a warning sound, an emergency sound, an alert sound. Who is alerting us?

Last Night, The abnormal sound was being reported all over the social medias too. From Australi, to the UK and all over the United States.

What is the root to this sound?

Was it a meteor passing by? Was it Hurricane Irma's sound. Remember the Hurricane Irma was so large some said it was the size of Texas while NASA could see it from outer space.  Was it a seismic sound? Was it a HAARP?
Is it a planet passing by?


In my experience, the Strange abnormal sound felt like it did not come from one location nor west nor east, north or sound, but it was large enough to be high up all over. The sound was heard all over the world last night.

Same Reports
The sound sounded exactly like in the below video, the sound was heard in the same Province Winnipeg Canada.

Strange humming from the sky Winnipeg Canada Jan 23, 2012

Meteorite falls from the sky

Similar sounds occurring in the middle of day. Just recently heard in July 6, 2017

Watch video below for full days already in 2017\

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