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Protest at Fashion Week

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Currently London, England it is

 London Fashion Week 

 Protest at London Fashion Week

2017-09-16- 1:30 pm 

#ldfw #leatherisdead #LFW #furfashion #banfur #petauk 

What is it all about. While some gather inside to watch the latest creations by big name labels others gather outside to protest. It is a scene quickly building up as more and more people want to get their point of views heard.

Let us see what all the racket is about. Just 18 minutes the following tweet hit worldwide from a British Cabbie driver. Chants like "shame week" seem to be progressing just outside the Clerkenwell Green for Burberry London Fashion Week show! :

Is it correct to gather outside a private event. Is the message being spread at the appropriate time. Could there be another medium to spread the word for this protesters? Well organizations like Peta , and other animal activists think so:

One twitter says to ban the fur #lfw

In July Burberry shareholders staged a protest against executive pay:

Meanwhile eight hours ago in London:
Neither Too Big or Too Thin 

Promoting normal sizes over 12 is steadily rising, all around the World such as last week in New York fashion week and this week in London Fashion week.  So fashion has been surely slowly evolving in all catwalks around the world....

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