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London Fashion Week 2017

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 London Fashion Week 

 2017-09-15- 5:48 am 

Neither Too Big or Too Thin 

Promoting normal sizes over 12 is steadily rising, all around the World such as last week in New York fashion week and this week in London Fashion week.  So fashion has been surely slowly evolving in all catwalks around the world as  normal size women are promoting new styles for the retailers that are changing the perfect size model. In the end, its really is all up to the designers or retailers who will have the last word, who will strutt their stuff .

 About four days ago,  in the article "Plus Size Brand Torrid makes it New York fashion week debut"  Yahaira Jacquez  writes:

“Over 60 percent of the women in America are plus size (or) considered plus size,” said Elizabeth Munoz, head of product and design for Torrid. “The fashion industry can keep passing and keep saying I‘m not going to acknowledge that but there’s going to be a point where we can’t ignore the fact that most of the available population to sell to is a size that they don’t make.”
Chantel Morel for Bravotv calls it "Diverse" in the article called The 5 most Diverse Shows at New York Fashion Week" .

 Now London Fashion Week promoting Larger size. However,  there still needs to be advocates for the extra larger women who pose just as much of an unhealthy weight risk as the too thin model types.  So neither should the models be too thin or too big. Below is a photo of over 26, SimplyBe, The Curve Catwalk, known as The UK'S Most Inclusive Runaway #WeareCurves and #TheCurveCatwalkMore

Regardless, whether the fashion industry is promoting diversity or larger sizes, one thing that still needs to change is educating the industry what is considered a healthy normal size. If for the retailers

Calling a healthy size still a "larger size" is not far off than calling the person "larger" so that needs to change.

Is Smiling not Allowed  at Front Row

Did someone post a sign , no smiling at the front row. Watch out for London Fashion Week 2017 Previous Front Row Attendees From Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne to Alexa Chung and Molly King all matching and fall colors coordinating was it fixed!

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