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Ritual Sacrifice Trend Las Vegas Massacre

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Ritual Sacrifice Trend:  Las Vegas Masacre
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Ritual Sacrifice Trend Las Vegas Massacre 

2017-10-12 10:45am
In the Book of John describes Jesus Christ said to his disciples: "Just as a branch cannot  bear fruit on its own unless it remains on the ine, so neither can you unless you remain in me I  am the vine, you are the branches. (Jn 15:1-8)

The Ritual Sacrifice Trend Las Vegas Massacre
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It has happened before where terrorist find exact time and date to meet their expectations. Looking at one strange angel on such horrific event, a sacrificial one. It is an angle people are not incline to discuss because of the gruesome thoughts of a sadist and satanist. But it what Pastor Begley calls the return of the legion.
28:11 Return of Legion- The Coming Apocalypse Paul Begley 8.3K views Return of Legion- The Coming Apocalypse Current events

Described in the Sacred Bible. Jesus Christ went around taking out such demonic spirits but what happens when Jesus Christ is not around to create miracles in casting out demonic spirits. Jesus Christ also gave human beings the power to cast out such low level creations. There are many Books in the Sacred Bible describing such gift and power of the Human Spirit over evil spirits. Already the Month of October is as creepy as it can get in the Lutheran Calendar with the last day ending with evil sacrificing performed on Hallows eve. This horrific evil biding event began in the Month of October already depicting its connection with Ritual Sacrifices.

A Country Singer and Songwriter Aldean was playing a headlining set in Las Vegas. The concert, part of the three-day Route 91 Harvest Festival, took place across from Mandalay Bay and The Luxor resorts on the strip.

Event Name Harvest Festival

The Event s name Harvest Festival can be associated to Farmers, and good old traditional country lifestyle. But the truth is it is more likely related to Harvest time, as explained in the Book of Exodus a time to celebrate and rejoice. A time to take pride in your faith in your traditional roots.

9/23 329 Vegas room number 32 1+3+5= 9
There is a growing trend of faithful believers that are not convinced so easily that it was a lone wolf terrorist act. Coming out of the surface are 3 shooters or more and even a helicopter involved.
It is much easier to cover up the truth if the act was solely by one person. But if the act is from a whole terrorist organization whether satanist or ISIS or deep state, it all falls under the same lower realm of evil worshipers.

Bloggers claim it is not only a false flag but an event to target Christians and Patriots says Political Avenger several time on her Vlog. In several videos she clarifies the setting and details from the perspective of a traditional faithful believer of Jesus Christ. They are occultist, they are Luciferian, they have psychics, they use cern.
Just watch an amazing analyses of Vlogger claims that many have already speculated since day 1.

9/23 329 Vegas room number 32 1+3+5= 9

Las Vegas Terrorist Attack, MSM

Vegas Event was Against Christians and Patriots Part 1 published October 4, 2017

Unfortunate Las Vegas News on One of the Shooters published October 8, 2017

Another Vlogger named Black Child goes deeper into the mind of a man named Dan Blizerian. The Black Child Vlogger claims Dan Blizerian is a modern day Vampire that injects himself with stem cell. Stem Cells is taken from placenta and aborted parts. It is illegal in the United States but people like Dan Blizerian are followers of this Fountain of Youth Fake Trend. Watch the Black Child Vlogger as he compiles the life of a billionaire as he documents himself on youtube up to the day of the Las Vegas Event on October 2, 2017. A must watch. Not only are the rituals of the billionaire disgusting but they are real. It is a ritual that can not be new or secretive because this billionaire is not afraid to expose the life of a new creation of evil worshipers that already are coming out of the dark.
Las Vegas Shooting: Illuminati FALSE FLAG?/Retired "Accountant"?/FREEMASON GUN CONTROL The Black Child 209K views The Las Vegas Shooting: Shooting, Chaos, Dan Blizerian; "lone wolf" or
Videos of What might have happened in Las Vegas Massacre

The following are a list of videos found with multiple theories
The Event Is coming soon • 32K views The Event Is Coming Soon - BREAKING False Flag Las Vegas

Las Vegas Shooting - Police Admit Their Official Story Was Wrong - Vegas Investigation Part 5 End Times News Report 43K views
Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre TheHealthRanger
Mandalay Bay Hotel Worker Speaks Out, questions about Security Guard Jesus Campos remain Charlton
Kurt Haskell - Trouble with the Las Vegas Massacre by Rachael L. McIntosh 248 views
Crime Scene Pictures Analyzed - Las Vegas Shooting Mandalay Bay Hotel Room Charles Walton 73K views

RAW VIDEO: Escape from Las Vegas shooting Las Vegas Review-Journal
The Route 91 Harvest 2d Shooter - Observation by Mr.Cati
Evidence Mounts Pointing Toward Multiple Shooters In Vegas Massacre The Alex Jones Channeln Oct 9, 2017
Here is the Truth! Watch immediately! This video is going to be deleted!

What is Next: Rumors of War Trend
BREAKING “World War 3” Hawaii Prepares For Nuclear Attack”Paul Begley12K views The University Of Hawaii sent out emails
Hawaii & California Preparing For Nuclear AttackPolitical Avenger•2.9K viewsNew Links Below. Check them out to keep updated.
Know Thyself

Taking Ownership of Yourself, Your Purpose in Life
11:38 This is the Test of our Existence Political Avenger
Tweets on Ritual Sacrifice Trend Las Vegas Masacre

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Prophecy Alert: “Yellowstone Supervolcano Could Erupt Sooner Than Thought” by Paul Begley

Volcano Eruption News October 12, 2017

Sinabung is a typical stratovolcano in northern Sumatra next to the town of Berastagi. Stratovolcano 2460 m (8,071 ft) Sumatra, Indonesia, 3.17°N / 98.39°E Current status: erupting (4 out of 5)

Solar Storm News October 12, 2017

Solar Storm Effects, Geo-Engineering | S0 News Oct.12.2017

October 11, 2017 Magnetic unrest in England

Magnitude Earthquakes Around the World October 12, 11 2017

5.3 Earthquake Thursday October 12 2017, 03:12:27 UTC 9 hours ago 152km ENE of Visokoi Island, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Greece 5.3 Earthquake Wednesday October 11 2017, 22:49:44 UTC 13 hours ago 31km E of Patitirion, Greece

Greece 5.1 Earthquake Wednesday October 11 2017, 22:49:44 UTC 13 hours ago 31km E of Patitirion, Greece

Wednesday October 11 2017, 21:57:00 UTC 14 hours ago Eastern New Guinea Reg., P.N.G.. 5.2 96.0 GeoScience Australia
Wednesday October 11 2017, 21:56:58 UTC 14 hours ago Eastern New Guinea Region, PNG. 5.2 78.0 GeoScience Australia
Wednesday October 11 2017, 21:56:55 UTC 14 hours ago 57km SE of Madang, Papua New Guinea 5.2 54.1

Listen to more Earthquakes around the World

November 4, 2017 Present Government Communist Try To Overthrow
500 Missing in California Fires October 12, 2017

October 9, 2017

Israel Fires to Hamas in Gaza Strip
Fbi agent helped in ISIS inspired plot.

October 6, 2017

Super Volcano Yellowstone Eruption soon warning!

On Thursday,Tonight October 6, 2017 – On this night, the moon is in a waning gibbous phase. rising in the east later and later each evening … and it means you can see the moon over your western horizon after sunrise in the next few mornings.

 Tomorrow, the moon moves toward the famous dipper-shaped Pleiades star cluster, also known as the Seven Sisters, a major signpost in the constellation Taurus the Bull.

October 12, asteroid 2012 TC4 will pass extremely close to Earth as it passes in between the moon and our planet just 4,200 miles away.
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