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Terror Attack Trend Las Vegas

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ISIS Claims Responsibility For Las Vegas Shooting

515 people wounded and over 58 plus dead in Las Vegas Massacre

Critical Thinking Time: Confusing picture of man standing on the left calming reading text next to police terror activity. What is going on?? 

Terror Attack Trend #lasvegasattack

 2017-10-02- 8:15 am updated 11:30pm

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The Shooter of the Las Vegas Massacre had recently converted to ISLAM and has

Panic and Terror in the Streets of Las Vegas last night.

Update on Las Vegas Attack leaving more than 50 people dead.

How vulnerable are human kind? Last Night October 1, 2017  One man shoots 50 in Las Vegas. Immediately after this horrific event it was not being called an act of terrorism. Then what is it? An act of frustration.

According to police officials in Las Vegas there were several vehicles under surveillance.

Just 17 minutes ago at around 8:0 0 am central time the FBI Las Vegas is asking for anyone with videos or photos to come forward.

Why are they not declaring  Martial Law in Las Vegas such as in London terror attack in May and September 2017, where Prime Minister Elisabeth May called it Operation Temperer.

That marks more the 4 separate events around the world and the military should be patrolling the streets in acts of terror such as in .

Barcelona, Spain
London, England
Edmonton, Canada September 30, 2017
Las Vegas, United States  October 1, 2017

While people in the United States are more concerned about Gun Control laws and questioning why it was not called an act of terrorism. The Canadian Government immediately called it a terrorist act leaving people questioning religion and groups alike. Both events are horrific and no matter how many people are left dead and is what the governments are doing to control such violence and why were people like the terrorist have been left to perform horrific acts in massive crowds. Are the masses crowd left vulnerable. Terrorism is becoming an easy trend for the mad man no matter what race or religion.


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Confusing Photo Scene Does not Look like a Terror Attack on Hundreds

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ISIS claims for Las Vegas Massacre

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  Terror Attacks Trend #Edmontonattack
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