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Pacific Ocean Abnormal Disturbances Trend

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Top News: On Thursday, October 12, asteroid 2012 TC4 will pass extremely close to Earth as it 

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Pacific Ocean Abnormal Disturbances October 8, 2017

2017-10-8 5:30 pm updated 7:35pm

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Earlier this afternoon there were oceanic disturbances that by looking at the ventusky models I was able to predict abnormal activities and you can too by simply going to the ventusky model and be alerted to the climate chaos and climate change around the world.  I then immediately aftward with the live earthquake link was able to detect in minutes the 6.7 magnitude earthquake in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean. The latest news I will update is the tsunami warning that has not been warned by the United States Government in the California Coast or the Canadian British Columbia Coast. So if the tsunami does not occur in the next few hours lots of flooding will occur while everyone is fast asleep. So be Warned!

Oceanic Disturbances October 8

Currently there are reports of earthquakes all around the pacific coast #kiskavolcano #RatIslands #AleutianIslands

Sunday October 8 2017, 22:45:35 UTC 12 minutes ago 16km ESE of Mammoth Lakes, California 2.9 10.1 USGS Feed Detail
Sunday October 8 2017, 22:35:00 UTC 22 minutes ago 56km WSW of Kiska Volcano, Alaska 6.7 121.0 USGS Feed Detail
Sunday October 8 2017, 22:34:49 UTC 22 minutes ago 108km NW of Talkeetna, Alaska 2.9 0.0 USGS Feed DetailP
Sunday October 8 2017, 22:34:33 UTC 23 minutes ago 60km E of Buldir Island, Alaska 6.6
Sunday October 8 2017, 22:34:33 UTC 23 minutes ago 60km WSW of Kiska Volcano, Alaska

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6.7 alaska earthquakes 2017 10 08

Will California declare a state of emergency after the 6.7 earthquake in the pacific ocean and now tsunami warning. Despite the fact that the tsunami warning is not for the california coast, the ventusky model does show wave heights of over 20 feeet high. So if there is no threat of a tsunami in the next few minutes, there will definitely be alot of flooding in the area that has high wave coastal activity this includes north of San Diego all the way to Los Angeles just watch the next couple videos and judge for yourself. So be Warned and Prepare if you are living in the San Diego and Los Angeles Area

Pacific ocean tsunami next California

San Diego, Los Angeles, Pacific Coast British Columbia flooding tonight 17 10 08 7 04 38 PM

October 8, 2017 Strange Sounds coming out of the Pacific Ocean near Fiji

On September 29, 2017 Pbs explained : Ocean currents have the same effect on radioactive material, which is only dangerous to organisms in large quantities. “Every bit of ocean now has some residual radioactivity in it from those bombs in the 1960s,” Buesseler said, but its concentration is too low to cause problems.

Alaskan Volcano and Ottawa Earthquake October 7, 2017

2017-10-8 5:30 pm

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There has been over 450 earthquakes in Alaska. According to Alaska's Research projects in the Earthquake Hazards Program, North Korea's Nuclear tests on September 8, 2017 was recorded by U.S. The truth is that if North Korea continues with the Nuclear Test there will non reversable damage and can create natural disaster that will be inevitable to stop. Alaska is a state that is full of volcanoes . In the article entitled "THE NORTH KOREAN NUCLEAR TEST: A RARE GLIMPSE OF THE DEEP EARTH?" there is a correlation between seismic activity and nuclear weapon test. So even if North Korea has not directly hit a U.S populated area all it has to do is continue testing its weapons and it will create destruction all the way to the Earth's Mantel:

Seismic waves from the North Korean nuclear test take different paths through the Earth’s interior. The first wave to arrive is the P-wave, which travels through the mantle. As it travels down, internal variations within the mantle steer it back up towards the surface. This phenomenon is called wave refraction. The second wave recorded on Alaska seismic stations is the PcP wave, which bounces off the outer core before reaching the Earth’s surface. These PcP waves can only be seen at certain distances around the source.

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October 12, asteroid 2012 TC4 will pass extremely close to Earth as it passes in between the moon and our planet just 4,200 miles away.

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