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Holly Wood Occults Paganism Out in the Open

Hollywood Occults Paganism Out in the Open


People are connecting the dots and the hidden agenda of the clown face or mask in Hollywood is exactly what you think. It is connected to Paganism. The Paganism culture were the ways of the ancient cults the demonic forces fought in this World today. Yahweh prohibited the Israelites from the beginning against these practices. The descendants of Noah's son Ham and the Nephilim's (Genesis 6:4), were the Giants the Anakim ( Book of Deuteronomy 1:28; Book of Numbers 13:33), the Titans, the Transjordan people like Nimrod known as the builders of the Tower of Babylon.

New Book Out ' What would Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ say?' Triumphants.

Then their descendants whom built the Pyramids, known as the Ancient Pharaoh's of Egypt. They took the Israelites for slaves.  Until Moses delivered them into the light. The covenant between man and Yahweh God Almighty forbid tattooing, forbid drinking living blood because it had life in it, forbidding boiling babies in mothers milk, sacrificing to the gods of Baal, Molech, the serpent, and the dark demonic forces. Those who have eye to see let them see.

To learn more about what is in your face agenda and how to stay free of what is being released to the world today pre-order the not released Book ,'What would Yahweh El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ say?' by Veronica Davis email the Author at and follow or send her a  message at  Veronica Davis on Twitter below or Facebook

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Australia Bushfires 6,000 Evacuated November 10, 2019


Orange and Purple skies is the eerie scene of a catastrophic events unfolding this week in New South Whale,  Australia's East Coast. So are the thousands of bushfires in Australia part of Agenda 2030. Are they part of a darker agenda for humanity? The latest news is Sixteen fires in New South Whales. A hundred bushfires on the East Coast of Australia .

Just a few months ago, in August the Amazon was on Fire. In October 8 ,2019 California residents are forced into a blackout. Next thing you know the Wildfires begin. Every year it has been occurring on the anniversary date.  The Earth is becoming an inferno but what is really going on.

Pick up any news report  as  they write articles on bushfires burning out of control. This is not the same story in Australia. Looking back to the same thing was being said while the Amazon was on fire in August. It sparked debates between the Politicians and the environmentalist around the world. But really the talk does not justify why they are occurring. Are we simply just being deceived?
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California Death Traps November 6, 2019

They are saying that the new California Fires are all part of the Agenda 2030. Is this part of the Amazonian Fires as well? Horrific mind control destructive campaigning were some of the words of used of already outspoken California resident Deborah Tavares. Do the dates of Oct 8 sound familiar. Well look back two years ago to the date  megatrndz website  reported California fires and what was happening with P&G.  There were power outages on October 8, 9 2019. It is fare to say that residents have claimed of heavy chemtrail in and around the are before the fires started. More on this story