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Kyar Arabian Sea Monster Worst of 12 years

Kyarr Arabian Sea Monster Worst of 12 years10/29/2019 10:45 am

It is being called the worst hurricane in 12 years out in the Arabian Sea. Kyarr is Hurricane Category 5 this week October 29, 2019. Today the tides are being felt in the Oman coastline. Ten hours ago the schools began flooding and students were evacuated from too much water on grounds. Reports from the National Center say that the center is away from (Ras Madrakah) about 600 km and continues its movement west / u The West Bank within the next 36 hours to begin later deviation to the southwest. "
Hurricane Kiar out at Arabian Sea photo taken 10 hours ago October 29,2019
Practically every year around this time there is some big Hurricane or Typhoon out in the Ocean or Sea around the world . These catastrophe out in the Ocean waters  puts coastline lines at risk , becoming a common human crisis for this decade. Perhaps the ones that suffer with this storms are the sea creatures see below beautiful 15 meters long Humpbac…

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Pacific Ocean Abnormal Disturbances Trend

MEGATRNDZ  > News > Climate News> Ocean Trends>Pacific Ocean Disturbances October 8, 2017

Top News:On Thursday, October 12, asteroid 2012 TC4 will pass extremely close to Earth as it 

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Pacific Ocean Abnormal Disturbances October 8, 2017 2017-10-8 5:30 pm updated 7:35pm

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Earlier this afternoon there were oceanic disturbances that by looking at the ventusky models I was able to predict abnormal activities and you can too by simply going to the ventusky model and be alerted to the climate chaos and climate change around the world.  I then immediately aftward with …

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