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Mocking Trend: Black face, Brown Face what does this mean Justin Trudeau Photo Goes Worldwide

Mocking Trend: Black face, Brown Face The Privileged Justin Trudeau Photo Goes Worldwide

by Veronica Davis

You will not believe what Privileged Justin did again..The Blackface scandal
Is it funny? Is it laughing? Is it Mocking?

(9/19/2019) Mocking Trend continues and the King of Mockery has to be given to Mr. Trudeau. Everything is funny, but that is a trend happening world wide.

What is Funny to you many not be funny to you, and it is the same as hating.

Does Justin Trudeau have any compassion for religion or race?

In 2017 of December, right in New Years I took a busy time of my schedule to respond to what I thought was an offensive behavior of the Canadian Prime Minister of Canada Trudeau.

However that did get World Wide attention because when it comes to mocking Yeshua Jesus Christ I guess we as Christians have been persecuted and are suppose to be Tolerant. Now with this new Black Face attire at a Costume party of Mr. Justin Trudeau it again shows his hierocracy.

Remember the times Yeshua Jesus Christ called the Pharisees 'Vipers' 'hypocrites'.

Mr. Alex Jones long time ago mentioned about the race war that is suppose to be engineered.

You all know how I feel when someone calls you black, white or brown it is plain racism.

First Trudeau, then Washington Post now Trudeau back again.

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Mocking Trend: PM Justin Trudeau mocks Jesus Christ
December 31, 2017

Today Singh will be facing Trudeau at leaders' debate and has been asked about what he will do after this racial images from 2001. Just 2 hours ago, Global news has also found a third, video of young Mr.Trudeau with his face painted black.

We are all one race the human race. But insulting the King of Kings Lord of Lord did not get that much attention as this one is already getting.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh pointed out an "ongoing pattern of behaviour" on Thursday after Global News unearthed new video of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in blackface, and said that to see Trudeau "mocking the realities" of so many Canadians shows that he does not have compassion, in Singh's opinion.
2001 Photo of Justin Trudeau dressed up and blackface1

(Right) Younger Trudeau with blackface

Mocking Trend

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