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Canadian Journalist Arrested in Conservative Event today

Canada National Security, My Dream and The Joker

10-3-2019 by Veronica Davis

If you are anywhere near PM Trudeau expect to get pushed. Why are people all the sudden getting pushed around by the Police in Canada. Well it may seem that Canada is a free country but people in Canada are learning slowly what Canada is truly about. It is becoming a very intimidating and scary place to live.

 If you think bullying does not exist in Canada well think twice. A couple of weeks ago before Justin Trudeau was in Winnipeg for the Blackface incidence , he skipped a big Election Debate in Quebec. Yes our PM did not go to a national election debate. Instead he went to a Hotel and kicked out everyone that was going to be near him.

Yeap a family  member whom  was not even on vacation but working staying at a Penthouse Suites was in a Hotel room in Quebec that the company often pays for. When he received a note and had all his stuff thrown out of the hotel room just so Trudeau and his National Security could be there. No apologies or asked to move, simply all the baggage's were already taken and had disappeared out of the room.

In Winnipeg, Snipers were on the Roof the day he was going on a press conference for his press incident. Apparently he was 3 hours late and people didn't even know about that conference. Now who would want to go to such a press conference?

Last time I heard of snipers on a roof was for a yellow vest violent protest. But in Winnipeg where hardly no one protests here.
So now the same journalist David, gets knocked on the ground by police officers.  Yah pushed he was not even close to them. But watch the video below how the officer says, that is the media guy. Once again David becomes an individual targeted. Another lady in the photo was pushed really hard. But did you guys see the racism and discrimination of those police officers, the lady gets pushed really hard and the guy before not as hard. So woman are not respected by police officers anymore they are treated inhumane when it comes defending Politicians who are in no threat at all. Canada simply is just asking questions?

Monday Tuesday dream

Also I have to mention something about a dream I had, if you have seen the video below you will hear the circus music. I did it unintentional. However a day later after I posted that video . I had a dream about a clown being on stage. In my dream there were three large Theaters. The first one I went into my grandmother seating infront of it right watching a clown perform. Then I went to another room where I saw people looking for red capes, I related it to Halloween and people are getting ready for a celebration. That is Halloween. A real ritual is being performed in that day and the witches are getting ready. The next room someone said it was for Kindergardeners, but it really did not like a room with children but older kids. Atleast that is what I was thinking as I looked in the classroom. I went back to the room where my grandmother was sitting in her wheelchair and I saw her legs tied to hold her feet from falling. I was holding her arm the whole time as I sat next to her. She was busy looking at the performer or the clown. By now a room full of people became atleast a quarter or maybe less.

I feel my grandmother is telling me to watch for the clown. There is a new movie coming out called Joker. This is the times that we are living in.

But the odd part in association with all of them, we have been watching on the media, constantly, putting images of Justin Trudeau as his face painted. He is not taking himself seriously. Now we are seeing images of him now punching another person and angry. So perhaps this means that the media is in control now of controlling the image. Which really is as shallow as society is getting.

Constantly passing judgements on images. There is some sympathy I have for Justin and I hope his anger  he wants to show as a boxer. Will turn for a positive one as he heads out from leading this country. And will make this country where  Christians and Humanity are respected and protected. The last person who has the reign is God Almighy Yeshua Jesus Christ.

Canadian Journalist Arrested in Conservative Event today