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Or A Better Day Strange Trend Revolving around Avicii's Death

Strange Trend Exposing Hollywood  Casting Couch Deception

Or A Better Day Strange Trend Revolving around Avicii's Death

2018-05-01 by Veronica Davis

It is a strange trend that has taken the internet investigators to exposing the truth about DJ Avicii death also known as Tim Berling. DJ Avicii's suspicious death on April 20, 2018  is not news to the internet enthusiast that are already know too much and have fallen too deep into the rabbit hole. When you know the truth, it follows you everywhere. It is what Avicii exposed is what led him to his death. Celebrities and scientists exposing the truth about the elites that are known as today as criminals for practicing strange rituals like they did in Ancient Babylon and Sodom and Gomorrah times. But although Sodom and Gomorah long may have been destroyed in a fire thousands of years ago and DJ Avicii may have died on in Oman exposing the truth is today as important to God as it was then.

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Michael Jackson's strange death was one of the first ones that revealed what the music industry was about. Perhaps Avicii knew more as shown in his 2015 video called for a better day. In the video for a better day, it revolved around the child trafficking.

What is even more stranger now that it is surfacing that he took his own life by cutting himself with a bottle according to report in TMZ.  Well the truth always prevails.

Two things that do not match is the middle eastern country confirmed his death, and the cause of his death changed twice. The act of cutting oneself is another cult action that is as strange as it sounds another trend in itself. It is what the evil media wants to spread as truth.

Just recently Q trend has had internet enthusiast following the #eipsteinisland trend:

truly is a historical moment in American History. Because for many years the Political Arena has been nothing but criminal all having ties to Child Trafficking as the convictions of #EipstenIsland unravels . The American truth seekers has been along following step by step as QAnon trend is the one to watch out for. read more

The Truth May Surprise You! (2018-2019) 106,848 views

Why did Aviicii Die!

Exposing the Fashion Industry Trend

The Casting Couch Deception of the Fashion Industry Allegations of Kevin Sorbo and Late Fashion Designer Gianni Versace


#metoo #ResistanceUnited #SexualPredator #TheResistance #fashion #kevinsorbo #sexualassault #gianniversace #versace

Decades later, popular Actor of Hercules Series Kevin Sorbo exposes Late Fashion Design Mogul Gianni Versace. On October 23, 2017 Kevin Sorbo told Adam Corolla about Gianni Versace's 1984 sexual Assault.  Does it make a difference. Should it make a difference. predicts the trend of the fashion industry exposure will soon come knocking at its door just like the Hollywood Empire #metoo . Although it started making headlines in the 1990's from supermodels like Karen Mulder the world only heard whispers and rumors.... Read Further

Also On February 8, 2018 Famous fashion model Kate Uptown sued Guess founder Paul Marciano for sexual harrassment read further from ctv news article Guess responds after sexual harassment allegations from Kate Upton