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The Casting Couch Deception of the Fashion Industry Allegations of Kevin Sorbo and Late fashion Designer Gianni Versace

Exposing the Fashion Industry Trend

The Casting Couch Deception of the Fashion Industry Allegations of Kevin Sorbo and Late Fashion Designer Gianni Versace


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Decades later, popular Actor of Hercules Series Kevin Sorbo exposes Late Fashion Design Mogul Gianni Versace. On October 23, 2017 Kevin Sorbo told Adam Corolla about Gianni Versace's 1984 sexual Assault.  Does it make a difference. Should it make a difference. predicts the trend of the fashion industry exposure will soon come knocking at its door just like the Hollywood Empire #metoo . Although it started making headlines in the 1990's from supermodels like Karen Mulder the world only heard whispers and rumors.

Appearances are not what they appear to be in the Fashion Industry. While some fashion models are made to appear as angels on the catwalk. Others have the sweet angelic Faces. But are we being deceived by the industry to increase the cash cow of the industry. The Versace logo is the head of Medusa, a Greek mythological figure. So according to Wikipedia, "the floor of ruins in Rome that the Versace siblings played in as children. Gianni Versace chose Medusa as the logo because she made people fall in love with her and they had no way back." As a matter of fact the medusa myth is as the very word deception which is probably whey Gianni Versace had the Medusa as the logo. Medusa is a very dark tale of deception.

Are we living the deception era. Gossips and Allegations about the fashion industry appearing not to be as angelic as it seems.

In the next few weeks you will learn the meaning behind, casting couch and gay mafia exposing the real fashion industry. Although the news are old by now, but since Hollywood is being exposed with sexual assault allegations its time fore the fashion industry to start leaving the bread crumbs leaving just more than the imagination.

The Hollywood Reporters THR News Published on Oct 25, 2017 reported that Kevin Sorbo Claims He Was Sexually Harassed by Gianni Versace | THR News

A day later Young Turks posted about Kevin Sorbo Opens Up About Sexual Assault 139,909 views

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