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C'oup D'etat Trend : American Politics Smokescreen

C'oup D'etat Trend : American Politics Smokescreen

by Veronica Davis 2018-04-12 

What a busy and yet historical week  C'oup D'Etat Trend, AI Trend, QAnoN Trend, such as #EipstenIsland fire, Robert Mueller Arrests Trump's Lawyer and InfoWars Fights Counter lawsuits against Fakenews Washington DC

The C'oup D'etat trend is a word trending all over social media as the Americans are not being fooled by fake news. It is first fair to take into consideration the events that have been unfolding this week.

Zuckerberg Empire

On Tuesday April 10, 2018 The smoke screen saga continues as CEO facebook ringleader and bewitching looks as he got interrogated by the American Political Arena.  As Mark Zuckerberg testifies in front of US Congress there was a certain sense of admiration almost as if he was the Emperor or a God. Or was Mark simply bewitching stare kept them under his spell as he has had us all fooled for over 10 years since facebook first began. Just whom were we looking at infront of our screens on April 10, 2018 was it Mark, Augustus (61 Bc-14 Ad). First Roman Emperor, Agustus

Today the Puppet Tommorow the Emperor

Today he can look like the Puppet tommorow he can be the Emperor.
If he is not stopped now  then watch out for Zuckerberg Empire being built infront of our eyes.  If you want my opinion on Facebook, I agree with the majority of the people whom are claiming that Mark Zuckerberg is simply the puppet of the CIA and other of his handlers as the Cabal and Deep State. Mark Zuckerberg is being labeled also as  a 'thug'  perhaps because he lies infront of our  eyes. And even was told that he had 14 years of apologizing and how is he being held responsible.

His 22 year ties with Ex-Nazi, Global Cabal George Soros to mention a few.  The smoke screen is just a circus act as Mark Zuckerberg was not under oath. Almost all  Senators questioning 33 year old Mark Zuckerberg seem to need his help in creating with what one day is the global agenda of AI or Artificial Intelligence.

 But where the real question lies is who will be controlling the Artificial Intelligence. Will it be the American Government, the one world globalist or Mark Zuckerberg takes home the cake home as some Christians theorists are claiming that his goal is to  create a one world religion through the Artificial Intelligence dominance. And also to get rid of Christians and Catholic Groups posts online ban them, as was clarified by Ted Cruz when he questioned Mark Zuckerberg.

But the real question in mind is not what is infront of the curtain  but rather what is behind the stage and alot has ties with the State of Emergency declared by President Donald Trump as he brings down the dirty swap and corrupt leaders of society. It looks like a mass Distraction Entertaining to the Elites.

There is over 25,000 indictments under way as Q Anon has dropped #epsteinisland among a few on the list. But the real thug that needs to be brought down is just underway as Jerome Corsi explained at a Washington Press Conference yesterday April 11, 2018 for a First Amendment Press release.

Wednesday April 11, 2018

Corsi Exposes Truth Trump Recruitment by Justinformed Talk

The Right Media discusses the first and the second part of Zuckerberg Testimony #QAnon on Apr 11, 2018

On April 11, 2018 Out of control Mob Boss by James

So the race begins as the Cat is chasing the mouse and yet the mouse wants its cheese.

To begin with the chaos in American Politics one must back up with the C'oup D'Etat trend that is short on its leash. But President Donald Trump Executive Order will prevail as the real criminals soon will be indicted.

It truly is a historical moment in American History. Because for many years the Political Arena has been nothing but criminal all having ties to Child Trafficking as the convictions of #EipstenIsland unravels . The American truth seekers has been along following step by step as QAnon trend is the one to watch out for.

Monday April 9, 2018

And so who is next of the Ex Presidents Arrest trend.

Ex Military, Roy Potterqa is a popular outspoken American says on Monday April 9, 2018 who clarifies to the world what is happening in the United States is a Coup and many more Americans are sounding the Alarm..

According to the latest news "Muller has sent the FBI into president 00:08 Trump's attorney Michael Cohen's office 00:11 and seized everything and I understand 00:14 that they've also gone into his home". Roy says what Mueller  is wrong and " this coup is  moving forward on these other crazy 00:35 things".

He points out that "the important thing is no no no 00:42 there is no attorney-client privilege on 00:45 this because of national security they"

Furthermore he points out " 01:31 understand is is that our republic is  under direct attack by this Muller  criminal episode okay backed up by the 01:42 deep state by the intelligence community 01:45 etc because he has been fighting them 01:48 back in the mayor of fact that he said 01:50 he was going to get out of Syria alarmed

But there is more why the Coup is moving. It is the ties with the indictments under way. There are ties with Mueller and Hillary Clinton and Uranium One where Mueller was in Office when Hillary sold over 100,000 black market list value of Uranium to Russia.

So all ties in with why there is  Coup happening in the United States and President Donald Trump Executive Order on December 2017 was placed for when such an event is to occur he has the power to override Congress.

Red Alert! Coup Moving by Roy Potterqa April 9, 2018 30,718 views

Tuesday April 10, 2018

#Q  #EipstenIsland

There has been many Q posts pointing the finger at #EipstenIsland . #EipstenIsland  is an Island that is now getting most attention this week as there has not just been a fire and an investigation into the island.

On April 6, 2018

Explained on April 6, 2018 Hacking the Headlines talks about the Global Epidemic of Sacrificial Child Trafficking an insight by Reporter Ben Swan watch This evidence will scare you (2018)
April 8, 2018

Ray.Chandler {Q} Tumblr Account Photos (Eminem|}Pork Wontons already viewed as of date today 3.1K views

April 7, 2018 Ray Chandler Instagram Page


On Apr 7, 2018 Qanon - Rachel Chandler Sandra Proude 21K views

Apr 7, 2018 Qanon - Rachel Chandler by Sandra Proude

On April 7 2018 Q MEGA-MEMES & Q POSTS...EPSTEIN ISLAND : KARMA IS KNOCKING AT THE McAllisterTVwith over 36K views

#EipstenIsland belongs to Billionaire Jeffery

FB Congress Sham While Pedo Island Burns #NOMOREFAKECONGRESS by You Are Free TV

16:17 "Why Is Epstein Spending $29mm to Bury tunnels ..." - Q New Warnings! Truth and Art TV 109K views #WHITELIST: Q Reveals Pedo-Island Underground #LOCKTHEMUP

You are Free TV unravels more mystery known as  Little St. James Island, the island owned by convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, containing multiple levels underground that house a temple used for satanic ritual abuse.

Listen to You are Free TV says that Jefferey Epstein has :

 50 counts of girls that this guy had 05:12 molested and that's just in you know 05:16 that's just in in West Palm Beach 05:19 so we fly over to little st. James his 05:24 little Caribbean hideaway island and you 05:30 have to understand Jeffrey Epstein has 05:31 been called a billionaire but his 05:33 money's always been very shady he got 05:35 into a lot of trouble with funky stock 05:38 market stuff you know bank fraud all 05:43 kinds of things mostly he's just been a 05:46 pay-for-play bankster fraudster and then 05:52 we get into all the politics around 05:54 Lolita Express and Epstein Island so we 05:58 know that the Clintons are very involved 06:00 in going back and forth to this island 06:02 and it has been named as the place where 06:04 a lot of the neo cons or zyo cons or deep Staters have been brought to and 06:15 bribed and you know basically a you know every room is outfitted and filmed and 06:23 whatever you get into is going to be 06:25 used against you yeah it starts out as a wonderful 06:28 vacation to go do you know creepy things 06:32 and then it's held against you for the 06:34 rest of your life so that's little st. James

On March 19, 2018 You are Free TV speaks about the Q posts of Jeffrey Epstein