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Red Water Trend Jan 2019

Climate Chaos    Red Water Trend
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Climate Chaos Red Water Deception

#laserweapons #secretspaceprogram #heatwave #Satellites #DEWs #EMR #HAARP #5G #Chemtrails #WeatherWarfare #GeoEngineering #Depopulation

Blood has always been a sign of Yahweh. Blood Moon coming in January 20, 2018 and before that event there is the blood rivers. This phenomena is not new around the world as in 2014 China see further Red Water Trend

Malawai and Indonesia multiple rivers have turned blood red in Africa reports began January 3 2018 See also the earth crack trend in Africa   earthquake unusual trend  volcano trend

Does this have anything to do with the Ebola threat, is this the blood of real people? Or is the red coming from the inside of the Earth as more and more volcanoes erupt around the world. Is this part of a manipulted engineered climate chaos depopulation agenda to create a water crisis around the world.

Red Water Trend
But this is not new because it also happened in 2017 as reported by"Terrifyingly Biblical Scene in Indonesia as River Turns Blood Red, Killing All Fish " August 10, 2017 ,

Rivers Turn Blood Red

Rivers Turn Blood Red Indonesia & Africa*Mysterious Global Sky Phenomenon*Ebola Spreading*

WORLD TIME EVENTS- ARE WE THERE YET- JAN. 03, 2018 by Times and Signs News

Red Water Trend
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June 18, 2018

Red Water Trend Is it Biblical or Man made
March 19, 2018

If you have never heard of Weather Warfare, Chemtrails, Silent Energy Weapons,   Atmospheric Geoengineering .   Weather Manipulation

Animals running is circles phenomena before they die? Reindeer, now piglets is it microwave, individual targeting, secret space programs?

If you have never heard of Weather Warfare, Chemtrails, Silent Energy Weapons,   Atmospheric Geoengineering .   Weather Manipulation  

you are about to quickly come on a joy ride.

Project Beam Alien Deception

#laserweapons #secretspaceprogram #heatwave #Satellites #DEWs #EMR #HAARP #5G #Chemtrails #WeatherWarfare #GeoEngineering #Depopulation

Blue skies and purple sky. Just a couple of weeks ago there was that purple sky seen over Florida. Now a neon blue-green light shortly after 9pm on Thursday night December 27, 2018 over New York City. But let us not forget that last year around this time, there was the United States Government preparing for missile tests in Hawaii and around the same time on the exact date. Then out of the blue a mysterious man clicks on a button declaring the missile threat as a false alarm in Hawaii.

Watch the below video entitled "Blue Beams Caught On Film: Take out Power Lines in NYC" where a video footage from Channel 4 shows something coming in the sky not from the ground.

Read more:

Missile Alert Trend: False missile warning causes wave of panic across Hawaii
January 13, 2018

 Whatever the case the explanations is out there, there is never enough justification for any of these bizarre events. Because there are way too many secretive undercover operations happening all around us that it could be anyone of those. Let's see there is H.A.A.R.P there is Harp. There are secret space program. New Microwave weapons, or  new weapons secretive laser technology .

Around the world Governments coordinate everything for you including your thoughts. Weeks before events even happen. Do you guys recall 19 years ago, year 2000 when there was the whole idea of Y2K. Yup the world of the internet was going to be shut down. I was on vacation abroad with the same fear of everyone that the world was suddenly going to end or whatever they intended to create. Well I am still here and so are you. The technology has improved more than ever and the births of Youtube, Facebook, Intagram began etc. It was all over the news and media sources spread the same thing everything so called December. So now the new thing that is constantly happening particular in the United States is the Government Shut Down. This year it is all about receiving the Wall funding for the United States. Last year was something else.

This brings me to the prime topic Project Blue Beam. Yeap it was not a power outage of one transformer that turned the eerie sky blue. If that is the case then that would be the case of all transformers going down. The airports in New York were shut down because several drones were seen flying in the skies. Then there was that strange fireball in the skies in the United States. Several were also seen in Spain in the month of December.

So for the Guardian news reporting alien invasion nice try:

scenes from an alien invasion. Authorities were investigating a transformer explosion at a power plant in Queens that caused a massive power outage and ground stop for LaGuardia Airport

Everyone better saddle up because we are in for a long a dizzy ride. But if you would like to avoid the bumpy ride and side effects of the One world agenda turn your hearts to Our Lord Jesus Christ there is plenty of time for his love.

Every December there has been
Major Catastrophic Power Outages

Second Week of Government Shutdown started in December 22, 2018 in the United States.

Alien invasion  Alien Deception  Project Blue Beam

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In the 1950's at McGuill University the harp program was a study to shoot rockets into the ionesphere to get data? In 1963 from Barbados both United States and Canada funded Harp. In the video you will see how everyone goes to a Bunker as soon as it is being fired into the sky. Why? Because  the truth is it is not safe, not close range or even at larger range. Also read in the report how the explosion produces a fireball. What fireball? So really this technology created by Gerald really belongs to the U.S and Canadian government. And is probably copied by many countries around the world that have the prints of these programs. So shooting something into the atmosphere was not to study weather but to really destroy it. So each time there are fireballs, think twice if it is man made or natural. What happened to Gerry watch below video at beginning.

Project Blue Beam NYC blue skies Florida Purple skies? Dec 2018

 At 9:40 min the discussion of Harp a project at Mcguill University run by Gerry Bull

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