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Secret Space Program Trend Mysterious Crop Marks

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Secret Space Program Trend Mysterious Crop Marks

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On July 8, 2018 BBC writes an article "Heatwave unveils ancient settlements in Wales". Calling the phenomena " unmistakable "crop marks" painted into the landscape." The article goes on to say that :

The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales (RCAHMW) has been busy recording the details - before they disappear when it next rains. Sites across Wales have been captured from the air. Phew - what a scorcher - 1976 Hot tots: How are parents coping with the heat? Too hot for trousers A fishy tale as rivers run dry The crop marks are made by vegetation drawing on better nutrients and water supplies trapped in long-gone fortification ditches - leading to lush green growth that stands out.

But this reminds me of an unusual earthquake detected in Banning California on June 26, 2018. So I decided to take a closer look and zoom in in the unusual site. And BAM something mysterious showed up on the map . Below is the image zoomed in the blue spot is where the earthquake happened.  So the small quake is proof that something mysterious is shaking up the ground. As you can zoom in google and see there are no close business to point out it is fracking. But one can not exclude what could be pointing from the sky.

Secretive Laser Technology

 The Secret Space Programs consists of secretive laser weapons that can point in any location on the Planet Earth. The results can be decorative marks on the Earth. What else occurs with laser weaponry. Project Blue Beam and photographs of strange blue beams captured before Volcanoes erupt. Fires said to have started by laser.  Individuals said to be targeted with this secretive technology.

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Mysterious Crop Signs near June 26, 2018 reported quake Banning California

The location of the reported small quake was 33.979°N 116.920°W Banning california reported by the USG AT 7:57 am Tuesday June 26 2018, 12:39:17 UTC7km NW of Banning, CA 1.7 mag 12.8 km

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