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Solar Storms Should Canada Worry about the Extreme Heat and Sun Radiation

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Solar Storms Should Canada Worry about the Extreme Heat and Sun Radiation 

by Veronica Davis 2018-07-11 

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The defenses has fallen and what kept the Artic Poler Vortex is eroding

Dangerous Sun Record Numbers of Human Deaths, Melting Roads Canada Australia

 Two Solar Storms have been expected to reach the Earth on July 9 , 2018. The Sun has been angry enough to take the lives of over 70 deaths in Canadian Province of Quebec.  We can blame the Sun for the 34 deaths in Montreal. As of July 10, there has been over 4 deaths in Ontario. In 2010 "deaths were linked to the extreme heat and noted that Urgences-santé had logged the same jump in ambulance transports as had been recorded during the deadly heat wave of 2010, when more than 100 people died in the Montreal area". So Should Canada Worry about the Sun Radiations over 40 degree celcious. Is it going to bring further future problems since Canada is so closest to the North Pole.

For July 5, 2018 humidex reached 43 for the Greater Montreal Area. In Australia the roads are recorded melting described as "melting like chocolate" and as "truly bizzare" . "IT'S SO HOT IN AUSTRALIA ROADS ARE MELTING UNDER 'BLAST FURNACE' HEAT" reported newsweek on July 6, 2018. This reminds me in 2014 how the roads to Yellowstone had been closed due to the melting roads. But what I find it bizzare is that it is hot in the Northern Hemisphere at the same time in the Southern Hemisphere.

July 2014 Yellowstone Roads melting

Also Read: Climate Chaos Trend: Climate Emergency Artic Heatwave where Green Party Canada Elizabeth May speaks Warns of Climate Emergency. The Front line of the Climate Emergency explains that the defenses has fallen and what kept the Artic Poler Vortex is eroding

The Space weather was forecasted on July 8, 2018 TamithaSkov. According to the space weather report the second week of July will bring solar storms en route to Earth. But it is not clear what part of the Earth will be most in danger. It is mentioned that aurora visibility will be possible in high latitudes:

Amateur radio operators are also in for some fun as a new region rotates into view and brings with it a boost in solar flux, which will help radio propagation just in time for hurricane season. GPS users shouldn't be affected by the low-level flaring of this region on Earth's day side, but should stay vigilant near aurora and near the dawn-dusk terminators for glitches in their reception. Low-latitude GPS/GNSS reception might even improve under the influence of these weak solar storms. See details of the coming storms, when this new active region will be in view, catch up on aurora photos, and see what else is in store!

Two Storms and A Flare: Solar Storm Forecast 07-08-2018 by TamithaSkov

Solar Trend: Will the Today G1 Geomagnetic Storm Create Power Outages

by Veronica Davis 2018-06-27 
The internal structure of the Sun

Will Today G1 Geomagnetic Storm create power outages and glitches?

On June 20, 2018 a huge sun spot was observed on the Sun and reported rapidly growing. Soon after there were reports of catastrophic solar flares could be a potential harm to the Earth atmosphere.

On June 23, 2018 an asteroid was set to pass by the Earth.

The Next Five Asteroids on June 23, 2018

In 2018 the space weather website keeps track of  significant solar flares . Read Full Solar Trend Will Today G1 June 27, 2018