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Floating City Trend

Floating City Trend

Floating City Over California, China and UK: This New Image May Help Solve the Mystery


You have heard of ufo's or unidentified objects but have you heard of floating cities. The latest news about this weird phenomena has left  thousands wondering in China.

Mysterious city appears in sky above China. Is it the long lost city of Atlantis? Is it a mirage? A Hologram or simply a hoax. It is the latest trend online, the floating city. There has been numerous reports of actual floating cities being seen up high in the clouds.

Lee Ann McAdoo from the Alex Jones Prison Planet  makes a great point " Is this project blue beam test? Alex Jones points out that the declassified  reports " in key low lying thick clouds..this is happening in Mexico City  where flying saucers are seen Arizona where there is thick heavy fog? and then they see lights in the hills and then they see these flying saucers show up". ( 1:36  min )

A famous psychic of the 1990's  the late Sylvia Browne always taught and believed that the veil is getting thinner. Is this what she meant?


Wikipedia definition of A Fata Morgana (Italian: [ˈfaːta morˈɡaːna]) is an unusual and complex form of superior mirage that is seen in a narrow band right above the horizon.

Back in January 2015, Matt Simon explained further Fata Morgana:

In the case of a fata morgana mirage, light reflecting from a distant object such as a ship is bent downward as it passes through the colder, denser air near the surface of the ocean (or sometimes cold land, particularly ice). But your brain places the object where it would be if the light came to you in a straight path—higher than it actually is. This bending effect can even work with the curvature of the Earth if conditions are just right, which is why some fata morgana images can actually be refracted cities and ships from beyond the horizon. Continue Reading...


Home of the Daily and Sunday Express News article entitled " Did parallel universe open up? Hundred see "Floating City" filmed in skies above China.  "Even this title goes hand in hand with a new world speculation that many believe the theory of parallel universe. Does the media want readers to get use to theory of there being a parallel universe out there. Parallel universe is associated with supersoldiers and time travel experimentation.


Project Camelot was shot and produced by Kerry Lynn Cassidy Project Camelot in a stunning interview with a rotchchild testimony of different dimensions :

(4:20 min) We walked over here from a different dimension....The Rothschild bloodline that I am from ..from the other dimension.. I am not from the Rothschild bloodline over here.....project Ibis.. Do I remember my rescue..Canada..from Ibis..where we are stored..they keep us in fetal state until they  need us again..I have full recollection of my life from before....So would you say in a  parallel dimension.. yes parallel universe..exactly like this one only they were peaceful..they brought peace.. ultra.. they had to  brake me down all the peacefullness.. so I can do what i had to do..which was to be part of these programs

This interview was conducted at the Super Soldier Summit in May 2013. Erin Green Hicks aka Erin Rothschild tells her story from the perspective of time travel and her experience growing up as a Rothschild being tortured and put through illuminati mind control and satanic rituals...



Back in June 2015 the same news agency Home of the Daily and Sunday Express reported mysterious blue rays in the related article entitled  "Villagers fear earthquake gods still angry after 'blue lights' appear over Mount Kinabalu":

The strange phenomenon in Borneo led to sweeping speculation on social media over what the unusual blue rays were. .... The blue rays are known as the 'blue rainbow' and are believed to be a phenomenon that is usually associated with areas recently hit by earthquakes. The 6.0-magnitude earthquake took place on June 5 in Mount Kinabalu and Kinabalu Park, a protected area and world heritage site, in the Sabah area, on the island of Borneo, Malaysia. Read full article ..

Could it be simply a government experiment or  the latest technology out there using 3 D imaging or holograms.




SHARE THIS!!! UFO Sightings H.A.A.R.P [SCARY VIDEO] Project Blue Beam Holographic Projection! 2015 by thirdphaseofmoon

(3:01) The Midwest HAARP Activity is going crazy..3 videographers captured same phenomena..starting out in Switzerland...Exploding light beam bursts. Haarp phenomena. It was in the same week. Right after the Bilderberg Group..CERN was going on all could be connected..the time frame are so much theoretical that it is all still..higher energetic levels..HAARP activity over Indiannopolis.

 Project Camelot interviews Benjamin Fulford in 3 seperate videos. HAARP is mentioned in these videos a government experiment that use to exist and then was just recently back in operation in Alaska. For many years, HAARP was secret operation and denied by the goverment. HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research created to modify weather and global catastrophies such as earthquakes etc :

The HAARP project website acknowledges that experiments are conducted which use electromagnetic frequencies to fire pulsed, directed energy beams in order to "temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere." Some scientists state that purposefully disturbing this sensitive layer could have major and even disastrous consequences. Concerned HAARP researchers like Dr. Michel Chossudovsky of the University of Ottawa and Alaska's Dr. Nick Begich (son of a US Congressman) present evidence suggesting that these disturbances can even be used to trigger earthquakes, affect hurricanes, and for weather control.



 It was not too long ago Youtube reporter DABOO77  created a comparison report entitled " Crazy! Strange Beams of light captured worldwide this month"  of the many  mysterious beam lights appearing in numerous cities through out the world. While there can be many speculations and theories for the Floating City Trend one thing is for sure not one real conclusion is found.

Mexico, Italy (August 10, 2015) , United States (Florida)

There are various videos on youtube where you will find information about project bluebeam. One of those videos is  found below start at 10:00 min.

Project Blue Beam Has Commenced !!! Watch This


What about the man seen standing in the clouds. Social media has continuously reported  many images are being seen in the sky in the past century.


However to the faithful religious catholics and christians apparitions of the Virgin Mary has been documented many times throughout history.

Fatima Portugal 1917
Fatima Portugal 1917 by MaspethFilm 6 years ago    497,603 views
On October 13, 1917 a crowd believed to be approximately 70000 in number,
gathered at the Cova da Iria fields near Fátima, ...

Garabandal, Spain 1961-1965

Published on Aug 24, 2013 BBC Documentary. This provocative 1980 interview with Conchita Gonzalez Keena principal visionary of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Archangel Saint Michael at Garabandal, Spain (1961-1965) contains her candid reflections as a wife and mother on the apparitions and future prophecies. All credit to the BBC