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Red Water Trend Is it Biblical or Man made

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   Red Water Trend  
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  Red Water Trend 

by Veronica Davis 2018-06-18

The Galapos Island Volcano erupted yesterday and Japan has had a 6.1 magnitude earthquake are they related.

The Daldykan River water in Norolsk Russia is turning red . But water turning red in Russia is not the first time. There has also been reports for the snow to be seen red in Russia in 2014 . Since 2013 people in the Arkhangelsk Region have been reporting the snow red. Scientist point the finger at one thing in 2018 but why has it taken over four years for the mysteries snow appearance and the scientist to come forward with some information. Is it because they are hiding something? Is it biblical because of the name "Ark Angel" attached to the region. Is it Celestial waters. Is the there was in the other Heavens?

On January 31 2018 "Scientists explain the appearance of red snow in the Arkhangelsk region of Russia" also watch video related to the time "lunar eclipse, volcanoes"


In September 2016, the Paulthepoke channel reported this event claiming that there is a the world's largest nickel mine around there and lots of industrial waste. The Norilsk Nickel claims it has not done such waste disposal. More than 4 million tones of copper, zinc, nickel etc are released into the air every year. Within 30 miles of the Nickel Mine in Norilsk there is no living tree. On September 7, 2016 Investigation ordered as Russian river turns red

Trend Update: Blood Red Daldykan River, Norilsk, Russia, September 2016

On September 12, 2016 "Russian metals giant Norilsk Nickel has admitted a spillage at one of its plants was responsible for turning a local river blood red", as red in newspaper article from The Guardian.

Are we being just spooked as most events can be explained. But because scientist are committing crimes against humanity, nature and animal kingdom. Whatever the purpose of the crime one can not deny the Book of Revelation Chapter 8, and 16 claiming that one third of the water will be affected.

Galapagos volcano Erupts June 16, 2018

Bodies of Red Water Trend: Is it Biblical or Man made


#bloodrivers #EndAnimalSacrifice #AlgaeBloom? #Pollution #Rev16:4

For decades now, bodies of water has been turning red. Rivers are turning red around the world.
Russia, China, Lebanon, Beirut, Netherland, Sri Landa, Ghana, and Indonesia. Snow has appeared Red in Russia since 2014. It kept scientist confused. So they say. When the Lakes appeared red in color the cause was algae. The Rivers turning Red is not end times Bible prophecy . Blame it on the chemtrails not on God.

Rivers Turning Red All Over The World As Biblical End Times Prophecy Fulfilled103,275 views since today by UFOmania - The truth is out there

2016 Bloodwater
Breakingnews Israeli Tweeted on April 5, 2016 Which of these is suddenly #breakingnews around the world:#BloodRivers? #Passover? #EidAnimalSacrifice? #AlgaeBloom? #Pollution? Rev 16:4?

Patrika Hindi News tweeted @PatrikaNews 15 Sep 2016 The streets of Dhaka, red with blood, get the truth of viral photos – #BloodRivers #Dhaka #EidalAdha .

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