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The Megatrndz Show Season 2 Episode 16

The Megatrndz Show Season 2 Episode 16 part 2 of 3

2018--3-05 4:30 pm
#climateaction #climatechaos #internet

Spiritual Battle more Internet Trends of 2018

More trends are happening as the climate chaos takes full swing around the world the battle over words becomes a spiritual warfare. Listen and watch the Megatrndz Show Season 2 Episode 16 and three part show as Veronica Davis  
 talks about the similar trends causing climate chaos around the world. Another concerning issue to free speech around the world and more of Internet trends.

Part 1 Climate chaos trend people stranded trend beast from the east 18 03 04 4 43 48 PM

Part 2 Internet News Frozen water, internet purge news 2018 03 04 4 17 57 PM

Part 3 Internet News free words, internet censoring, mocking agenda, truth

Why is Christianity often Mocked and under Attack and Kept in Silence February 06, 2018
and also AI Trend: Could the Artificial Intelligence one day start a religious Wa February 4, 2018

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