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Why is Christianity often Mocked and under Attack and Kept in Silence

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Why is Christianity often Mocked and under Attack and Kept in Silence

2018-02-06 by Veronica Davis

Christians or Catholic Schools in Canada are no longer teaching or preaching the Sacred Bible. So if you want your child to go to a Catholic School to learn about the Bible you may think that he is there to learn about the Catholic faith. Well you thought wrong far from wrong. You may think that paying extra money to have your child educated on the Sacred Bible no longer exist and there are many reasons.

The Government of Canada no longer is a multi cultural country as it favors certain religions. Leaving Christianity in the dark. Christianity is among those religions that wants to shut its doors from teaching the truth about the Sacred Bible. Christian children in private schools not only are being lied so are the parents. So where are  they learning morals and values of Christianity ptheir  beliefs. It is not the Christianity religion is lying to the  Christian community about the Sacred Bible not being taught in the private level but it is the Government of Canada. Yes, the Government of Canada restricts the private Catholic Schools from  teaching the Sacred Bible. The Canadian Government is far from justifying why they choose to restrict Christian and Catholic Faith Beliefs from the Canadians whom are paying extra money for their children to start of their lives in Private Catholic based School.

The media began to write about the "Cornerstone Christian Academy in Alberta, Canada, is being told to stop teaching scriptures that may be considered "offensive." " on June 22,2017 CBN News wrote an article entitled "the Canadian District Bans Christian School from Teaching 'Offensive' Parts of Bible ".

So having a child attending a Canadian Catholic Private School I thought  all this time he was learning the Sacred Bible.  Never did I image he was not learning about the Sacred Bible scriptures.

Another problem with Canada and Christianity is that it is also mocking the religion. So the Government of Canada is allowed to mock Christians in entirety and it is legal. But personally I find it offensive when the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau last year mocked the Christian Faith Lord Jesus Christ by wearing an offensive shirt. So shouldn't the Shirts be banned if they are promoting mocking thus hatred to a certain religion in Canada. I am afraid not, not if you are mocking Christians. It is a trend happening worldwide. But Most Specially if Justin Trudeau being our Prime Minister of our time is wearing them. On December 31, i thought defending Jesus Christ and wrote my opening about it on  Mocking Trend: PM Justin Trudeau mocks Jesus Christ

You will not Believe what pm Justin Trudeau did 2017 12 31 6 18 18 PM

In a petition already has taken of on January 6, 2018 entitled "Prime Minister Trudeau must apologize for blasphemous sweater" it states:

These sweaters are no innocent prank! They are a blatant, pointed attack on Christianity, designed to ridicule Christ, our Lord and Saviour! The Toronto-based company that produces the sweaters, Shelfies Inc., says on their website that they are in the business of making “outrageous photorealistic sweaters”. One of their claims to fame is that their sweaters are “worn by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other celebrities.”

As the elected leader of Canada, Justin Trudeau has a responsibility to show respect toward all the people of this country. And he must be particularly respectful of our deeply-held religious beliefs. Regardless of his personal views on Christianity, as a leader and representative of our nation, he must exhibit tolerance and sensitivity across the board. The blatant ridicule of the declared religion of two-thirds of its citizens – let alone this outright blasphemy against God – is not an attitude befitting the honourable office of prime minister! In fact, it is an act of hatred.

If you want to be part of the petition and show your feelings that it is not ok to mock Christianity go to Prime Minister Trudeau must apologize for blasphemous sweater

Could we change the future of Politics like President Donald Trump is doing today. Two weeks ago Levon Sarkisian commented "Most Armenians and Orthodox Egyptians in Canada are definitely not voting for him next election after this incident, God Bless!". So it is great news that we do have hope to change Canada's future for the Christian community.

In November 2017, in the Supreme Court of Canada a case questioning Can the Law Society deny accreditation to a Christian School ? Well, I also found it offensive when a Justice Judge Michael Moldaver was allowed to mock Christians in a court Room. The judge thought to ridicule Christians by asking the lawyer whom is defending the  Christian Law School ,  what Christians " Call sexual intimacy ... , is it holding hands...does it mean hugging.. does it mean .kissing.. just can you flash that out so i can understand what it is ". The whole Supreme Court of Canada room could not stop laughing .  Even the lawyer whom the question was directed was embarrassed and answered  " I am not sure if it is appropriate for me to refuse to  answer a question".

So I ask everyone out there, is Canada really a multi cultural equality democratic country. Why can't Christians start banning the Government of Canada certain laws that were created way before Canada became a Country. Denying rules and laws that have existed for centuries if not millennial is unjustified even if it is a country that I speak of.

The videos below will show you how the mocking Christians trend is becoming entertaining but is it realistic and legal. Why don't we ban mocking and begin to see mocking for its true agenda the hate speech.

Also watch "Mocking Jesus Christ Agenda, one world agenda, ep 13 ai p3"

Many are the reasons and unjustified is the cause. Listen to Kenn Daily as he reports on June 19, 2017 as he discusses CANADA: CHRISTIANS BANNED FROM TEACHING...

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