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This Week Trends 2018 Week 4

Sink Hole Trend

Tectonic Plates Moving Australian Continent

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Tectonic Plates Moving Australian Continent 2018-01-17 6:30 pm

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Is it Climate Chaos or just Evolution.
Wednesday January 18, 2017 Anybody heard of Tectonic Plates moving a whole continent.
Well if you have not then you are missing out on the strange facts about continents moving.

According to Geo scientist, Australia lies on top of a shifting Tectonic Plate.
This Shifting Tectonic plate is moving the entire landmass Northwards.
What! Yeah Northwards.
And so the Australian Continent moves 7 cm or 3 inches a year.

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Celestial Event Trend: Blue Moon, Blood Moon, and Super Moon Heavenly SIGNS

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Sinkhole Trend

Celestial Event Trend: Blue Moon, Blood Moon, and Super Moon Heavenly SIGNS 2018-01-30  8:30 pm  #supermoon #bloodmoon 

Tonight there will be an extraordinary event not seen since 150 years. In the early hours of wednesday morning you will get a glipse of the lunar eclipse also a super blue moon.

The celestial phenomenon, which will combine a supermoon, blue moon and blood moon, is forecast to rise on Wednesday, January 31. Americans on the US’ west coast will be able to see the eclipse in the small hours before sunrise. The super blue moon eclipse will enter its umbral stage at 3.48am PT - where the moon starts moving into the Earth’s shadow - and reach totality at 4.51am.

Celestial Event Trend: Blue Moon, Blood Moon, and Super Moon Heavenly Signs
January 31, 2018 ECLIP…

When Angels Speak to Us in Numbers and Figures Repetition Trend