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This Week Trends 2018 Week 4

Red Water Trend Is it Biblical or Man made

Bodies of Red Water Trend: Is it Biblical or Man made

#bloodrivers #EndAnimalSacrifice #AlgaeBloom? #Pollution #Rev16:4
For decades now, bodies of water has been turning red. Rivers are turning red around the world.
Russia, China, Lebanon, Beirut, Netherland, Sri Landa, Ghana, and Indonesia. Snow has appeared Red in Russia since 2014. It kept scientist confused. So they say. When the Lakes appeared red in color the cause was algae. The Rivers turning Red is not end times Bible prophecy . Blame it on the chemtrails not on God.

Rivers Turning Red All Over The World As Biblical End Times Prophecy Fulfilled103,275 views since today by UFOmania - The truth is out there

2016 Bloodwater
Breakingnews Israeli Tweeted on April 5, 2016 Which of these is suddenly #breakingnews around the world:#BloodRivers? #Passover? #EidAnimalSacrifice? #AlgaeBloom? #Pollution? Rev 16:4?

Which of these is suddenly #breakingnews around the world:#BloodRivers? #Passover? #EidAnimalSacrifice? #Alg…

Rising Sea Level Trend Danger in Antarctica

Rising Sea Level Trend Danger in Antarcticaby Veronica Davis 2018-03-24
#earthhour #totten #glacier

Coastlines in Danger
The climate chaos trend and Rising Sea Level Trend continues as there is another large floating glacier in Antarctica. For over 110 years now, the Ocean waters has risen over 20 centimeters. So we know that when the limit for the coastlines has reached its maximum water begins to breach and surges have been quietly occurring like in Washington.

Infront of Our Eyes
The dangers are being kept quiet from the East or Pacific Coastlines. Or...What is really going on? How is it that someone like Joshua Wilkins publishes dangerous high tides on Jan 18, 2018 but where is the Government. At the right moment he is able to capture a storm Surge - HIGH TIDE - Ocean Park, Wa Beach Approach Today 1-18-2018. Just a quick Clip of Cars getting Caught by incoming Waves. Perhaps God is showing us what is really happening infront of our eyes.

Storm Surge - High Tide - Ocean Park, Wa Beach…

Earthquake Trend: Alaska 1964 March 28 Good Friday Earthquake

Earthquake Trend: Alaska 1964 March 28 Good Friday Earthquake
by Veronica Davis 2018-03-27
The day that God Shook the World for an entire 4 minutes on Good Friday. March 28, 1964. A foreshadow of what is to come. Was he sending a message to the world. Over two thousand years ago, around 33 AD on Good Friday, our Lord, Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans .  In fear that the large crowd backed up by the Pharisees would not riot against Rome Pilate crucified Jesus. During the Crucifixion of Jesus, Darkness fell as an eclipse covered the Earth, with an Earthquake "powerful enough to open tombs".  Full Story available in hard copy Megatrndz Book Vol 1

Watch video about Good Friday HD by Catholic Online

Haarp Alaska

1964 Quake: The Great USGSPublished on Feb 27, 2014

The Great Alaska Tsunami, March 28, 1964 3,674 views

More Climate Chaos Trends

The Glacier Ice Melting Rapid Pace Ice Trend 
Rising Sea Level Trend
Celestial Event Trend

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The Glacier Ice Melting  Rapid P…

Bullying Trend: Christians and Catholics in Canada Won't Be Bullied by Justin Trudeau's Government

Bullying Trend: Christians and Catholics in Canada Won't Be Bullied by Justin Trudeau's Government2018-03-19 by Veronica Davis
#cdnpoli #attestation #CanadaSummerJobs #charterrights #humanrights #attestation #genderbending #genderideology

Won't Be Bullied by Justin Trudeaus Goverment

Canadian Christians and Catholics are stronger than ever as secularism is growing. The Catholic Church and Christians are not a minority and should not be left in the dark. Strength in unifying two strong majority groups is important for the life and dignity of humanity.  It was a message the Lord gave me whole heartedly with the phrase Secularism. It is a phrase Canada a young growing Country must become. The Lord's messages can be viewed on theSeeing in the Dark episode .or read Seeing in the Dark November 29, 2017.
It is not going to matter what  Justin Trudeau’s Liberals just voted just now to impose their values test on Canadians. What matters how we as a nation vote for our own co…

Climate Chaos Trend: Climate Emergency Artic Heatwave

Climate Chaos Trend: Climate Emergency Artic Heatwaveby Veronica Davis 2018-03-20 

The Alarms are ringing and no one is calling it an Emergency

Worldwide the grounds are looking more slipper than ever as roads, side walks that are suppose to be clear cement turns into dangerous icy conditions. This is not normal.

Why are governments around the world no longer keeping up with the social road and sidewalk conditions as they one did in the past. Perhaps the answer lies what is hidden beneath the ice. The Theory of Prophetic Bible ties with Fallen Angels may seem not that estranged when nothing is really making sense anymore.
And as  The North Pole just had an extreme heat wave for the 3rd winter in a row"the northernmost weather station in the world, Cape Morris Jesup in Greenland, saw temperatures stay above freezing for almost 24 hours straight last week, and then climb to 43 degrees Fahrenheit (6.1 degrees Celsius) on Saturday before dropping again." is not a coincidence the …