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Climate Trends: Different Moments in Time

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Climate  Trends: Different Moments in  Time

March 4, 2018 by Veronica Davis 

Is it really happening some were asking.
While some people are caught and shrouded in a cloud of darkness others are blessed with joy. 
Can the pain and burden be avoided and exchanged for a bless.
 The answer to that is yes.
Jesus told us that he would take on the burden for us in the yoke analogy.
Saint Matthew let us know about what Jesus thought about the burden, 
Jesus said "Take my yoke, upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls _. (Matt 11:29).

 So it is important to meditate with the words of  God on a daily basis. 
So he can bless us in our daily devours.  
Devoting your time into  meditating in the words of Jesus Christ. 
Read more of the sacred Bible scriptures at Heavenly Mysteries

Soar like a snowy owl in the sky during a storm.

Terror in the Streets of Washington 

So much was going on yesterday as there was a gun man loose in broad daylight infront of the Whitehouse as people ran in terror in the streets of Washington.

Millions Faced with Climate Chaos

While some were preparing for festivities others were stuck in danger. The Beast from the East turns Amsterdam's Canals into Ice Rink. Where has the the water GON-DOLA gone? Just last month on February 2, 2018 Venice canals waters receding.

Central Canada awaits for blizzard and over 20 cm of snow. Millions without electricity in Eastern Canada and United States.

Joyful Innocent Moments of Life

But one of my favorite photos of the day came from Ivanka Trump as she showed her beautiful daughter next to her. It really showed the tender moments of life. As a mother prepares for a festive night glamorous night out the child takes part of that moment in her own interpretation of life.