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Humanitarian Crisis Trend: 85 Missiles Yemen Humanitarian Crisis

Humanitarian Crisis Trend: 85 Missiles Yemen Humanitarian Crisis

2018-02-27 by Veronica Davis 

Yemen is in a Humanitarian Crisis but what is the United Nations doing about it as  innocent lives are being affected. The situation is being described as "Grave" according to the Kuwait President.  The United Nations confirms today that over 85 missiles have been launched since the Beginning of February .

If  26 days has passed since the beginning of February of 2018, then how many missiles have been launched per day. 85/26 would mean over 3 missiles per day have been launched in Yemen by the Houthi Malitia.

   3 missiles launched per day
x 26 days passed in February
85 total missiles

So what is the United Nations resolution in protecting the civilians. The President of Kuwait says that the only way out of this political crisis is thorough dialogue. Since 2006 mediation has not resolved any issues.

It is not clear exactly what the Yemen UN representatives is stating about:

The militia is barricading themselves  humanitarian crisis     and using it and then with their own political agenda in order to play the victim and blackmail the  international committee. I have repeatedly warned Mr. President  that some people's focus on the Yemenese Issue  in the Security Council simply as a matter of humanitarian relief in the absence of a political solution. And the International Committee  in adverted to pressure the  to set other negotiations    and implement the requirements resolution of 2216 would only mean a prolonged war and crisis in Yemen. ...the money ..may donate may not be enough to save 27 million Yemenese who are catastrophic situation as they live onn their lands that are being destroyed by the Houthis... in  vindictive manner....Wealthiest and beautiful lands in the world. Pressure Coup Forces and held them accountable to the world.

A convoy of Houthi fighters (August 2009)

Wikipedia points out about the Houthi insurgency in Yemen  in the beginning of 2015:

A Houthi power grab in Sana'a escalated on 20 January 2015, when the rebels attacked the president's residence and swept into the presidential palace. President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi was inside the residence as it came under "heavy shelling" for half an hour, but he was unharmed and protected by guards, according to Information Minister Nadia Al-Sakkaf. Presidential guards surrendered the residence after being assured that Hadi could safely evacuate. The U.N. Security Council called an emergency meeting about the unfolding events. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon expressed concern over the "deteriorating situation" in Yemen and urged all sides to cease hostilities.[52][53] On 22 January, President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and Prime Minister Khaled Bahah tendered their resignations to parliament, which reportedly refused to accept them.[54]