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A La Page
Address: 200 Provencher Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R2H 0G3
Closed ⋅ Opens 10 a.m. Tue.
Phone: (204) 233-7223


Table of Content
What is the Word of God? 11
Natural Believers and the Disciplined Believers 19
The Blind Gathering 24
The Holy Birds Visitation 31
The Good News 33
Signs: Dreams and Visions 37
White Robed Woman Dream 39
Remnants, Footsore,  Swell, Lame 43
Symbols, Signs and Holy Spirit Visitations and Dreams 48
Sign: Urgency, The Days will Get Shorter 52
Who are the Seal of the 144,000 56
Understanding the Unseen 58
Veronica’s Veil 63
The Veil and The Forehead Mystery 64
The Mystery of the Veil 66
Unveiling the Truth 72
God Almighty Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai 77
Yeshua  Jesus Christ Does not Hide His Face 77
The Seal, The Signet, Chotam 82
The Seal, The Cord, and The Staff 83
A Cord and a Staff    פָתִיל Threads of Gold- 85
Symbol of Consecration 86
To Twist Pathal 87
Holy, Holy, Holy 88
The Stephanos, 89
The Crown of Life 89
The Number Seven Sign 92
The Holy Fire 97
The Beginning of Sorrows 100
Discernment 102
Humanity Transparent to Yeshua 108
Jesus Christ 108
Beginning, Origin Arché 109
To Rule, To Begin  Archó 110
God’s Holy Seed and the Veil 116
An Interval, Space Between Bayin  בֵּין 127
First Born, First Fruits 132
The First Fruit of Bread 134
The Chosen 135
The Ancient Order 140
Israel is the First Harvest 148
Flesh is Flesh 152
The Perfect Calling 157
My Calling, The Spiritual Awakening 162
Awakening of Ancestral Bloodlines 165
Blood Awakens 167
The Scattered Seed Mystery 173
Do you Believe?  Πιστεύεις Pisteueis 177
Searching Hidden Roots 181
Nueva Segovia 1500 183
711-1107 185
Before 1400‘ s 186
The Order of Santiago 189
God Almighty is Subtle 190
Altamira, Spain y Los Altamiranos 191
Sephardic Jews 191
The Tribe of Benjamin 194
The Land of Benjamin 195
Apostle Saint James 195
The Seashell 197
Sons of Thunder 198
Ancestry Connection 199
Persecution & War 201
More Sephardic Ancestors 204
Inquisition and Persecution Spread 206
into Latin America 1600’s 206
Billions of Israelites Scattered Seeds 209
The Promise Proclaiming 12 Tribes 214
I AM  אֵֽל׃  El 215
I am, I exist  εἰμί  Eimi 216
Apostles and Saints Scattered 219
Straight Path One Road 220
The Way of Uprightness 221
Israel’s Blindness 222
Blindness During Jesus Christ’s Time 225
The Remnant 228
Tenth,  Terebinth, Oak, Pillar, A Stump 232
Tenth Asiri 234
Tenth, Ten and Tithe 238
Yahweh’s Judgement Law of Ten 238
The Mystery in the Number Ten 238
To Pay Tenth or Tithe 247
Jesus Christ’s Attitude of Tithe 247
Terebinth or Oak 252
Oak Elon Tree 252
Pillar a Stump 255
Their Stock is a Holy Seed 259
Eyes Closed the Blind 259
Israel’s Survivors, The Remnants 259
Hidden 261
Unveiling 262
Eyes Closed : To Hide, Conceal 263
סָתַר Sathar 263
Will Hide My Face 265
Hidden 267
The Unseen 268
The Secret Things 268
Eyes Open 269
To You is Granted Dedotai 274
It Shall be Given δοθήσεται Dothēsetai 277
They Would be Taught by God 278
Perpetual Flame 279
The Anointed 279
Almond Tree 282
Heaven’s Gate 282
The Hours Has Not Come 284
Sadness and Abandonment 285
The Greatly Beloved Jesus Christ 285
The Twelve Pelicans 285
The Everlasting Olam Covenant 288
The Spirit is More Than Just Flesh 293
Yahweh’s Miracles in the Desert 294
The Bread of Life and Eucharist 295
We are Sowers 297
The Holy Spirit Delivers 299
Cultivating the Rainbow 300
A Secret Abiding Place 306
The Secret of the Gathering 308
Indoor Gathering 308
Sinning and Secrecy 312
The Devil is Lip Service A Filthy Mouth 314
Only Begotten Son 316
The Will 319
Seed Must Fall First 324
Mercy not Sacrifice 324
The Hidden Remnant 325
Shrines Made by Human Hands 327
Unveiling Dark Imagery of the Cross 330
Extra 337
Time Frame of the Bible 337
The Timeline of Abraham to Jesus Christ 342
From Adam to Noah (0-1056 f.a) 344
Jesus Christ Brings Back Eternity to Mankind 347
The Chosen Year 0-2006 f.a 356

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Purchase Book 1 "Triumphants: What would Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ say?', on Amazon. Ebook no longer available on Amazon.

ISBN: 978-1-7770725-4-4 (ebook) english
ISBN: 978-1-7770725-2-0 (book) english
ISBN: 978-1-7770725-6-8 (ebook) espanol
ISBN: 978-1-7770725-5-1 (book) espanol


Prices are subject to change. Email for purchases over 3. Wholesale prices available.

Read First Book 'Triumphants', an Autobiography, "What would Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ say?"

Author Veronica Davis proclaims the scriptures in an amazing way. She decodes the riddles enshrouded in Mysteries said by Jesus Christ written in the Word of God. Available Worldwide. Rush to read because the veil is too thin and Earthly time will only last until the cup is full. Read how and when she received her calling and what she has to say .

For full list go to:

Book 1:  Triumphants 
Book 2 and 3: Perfect Love  
Book 3: Sacred Way on the Last Day   Free with Book 2
Book 4: Divine vs Ra's   NA

Book 1:  'Triumphants: What would Yahweh Yeshua El Shaddai Jesus Christ say?' , excerpt from chapter My Calling My Spiritual Awakening:

 I was not surprised of the Holy Spirit visitation but this time, he came unexpectedly. Today I realize that 'the Door' is the sacred way to get there the path to the Throne of God Almighty Jesus Christ. When he was opening up the door I heard it and I woke up.When Jesus Christ visited me again this time it was different. Back in November 2017, I had just woken up around 3 am, and a voice spoke deep in my Heart. It was the Holy Spirit . He said to write things down right there in the dark.  So I wrote for about five minutes in the dark. One of the messages was

'many are waiting their turn, you must add love, discernment..I have to know when to open and close the door.'  

Today January 4, 2019   I woke up and once again the Lord gave me wisdom.   Days to finish this book  I woke up with all the answers. The Holy Spirit must of been filling my dreams with all the information needed to understand this process.  All this time, I was ignoring the most important part of the message, 'the Door'. How did I miss it, God Almighty Yahweh El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ mentions 'the door' everywhere on the Sacred Bible. ..

I have found that the Lord only finds people that are prepared. In 2017 the night  before the writing in the dark visitation of the Holy Spirit, I remember something telling me to leave the notebooks and pen on my nightstand. It was becoming a custom for weeks then. I realized why. When Jesus Christ comes it is a whole process of preparation. He has been preparing us all along sometimes since the moment we are born. 
Actual writing in the dark a visitation of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ on November 2017 3 am

Months later, I began to write the Book series.  For three years, I wrote what I felt was deep in my Heart guided by the Holy Spirit. This is not Theology or Philosophy, it is much deeper it is the Word of God. The Word of God was what the Creator created himself. This is my testimony.  

Victory is Faith

For Whatever is born of God overcomes the World. And this is the victory that has overcome the World our faith. 
Gospel of Saint John  16:33

Paperback available worldwide on amazon

Paperback available worldwide on amazon
Triumphants: What Would Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ say?