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Shalom Everyone April 11, 2020

Shalom everyone! Do not worry about the Covid-19 Pandemic, the world has actually expanded in the billions even after historical Persecutions, World wars, Famines, Disasters and previous plagues. We will survive it! In fact God Almighty blesses people even more when they believe in him. But it is not just about believing but in pursuing the Word of God. Thousands do not read the Scriptures. We were taught by God, he taught us with Authority, how great is that!

Buy my book and find out how I have been blessed! How just the survival of my Sephardic people even after being expelled from Iberia (Spain) made them a stronger a bigger nations, Latino nations worldwide.

Please support my hard work and learn Hebrew words and Greek words from Bible scriptures. Simply spending 5.55 and buy my book, 'Triumphants'. Find out how I found my Sephardic Jewish Roots!

I am offering today the second book 'perfect love, on the last day' for free!

I want to thank the people that ordered from India, Netherlands, Germany and the UK just to name a few. May God Alighty Yeshua Jesus Christ bless them forever just like he bless Abraham

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