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5 people allowed in Winnipeg Groceries Global Pandemic April 11, 2020

Veronica Davis 4/11/2020

What a strange world we are living in? Now the close by small grocery store is having people wait outside in a line up permitting only five people at a time. I have not been to that store since months ago the young cashier was rude and did not serve me even though I was the only one in the store. I believe she was one of the store owners family members with little customer service. Food fare was a store that refused to close during a Holy Canadian Holiday. The family owned possibly Egyptian background may be the reason why they did not want to stay closed last year. The store owner may not be christian which is why he did not think a Christian Holiday is an actual holiday. This story became a national news as the store was fined for not following national holiday rules.

Regardless, this small grocery store is now beginning to have the customers wait outside allowing only five at a time. But the cashiers seem to not wear masks or gloves. I think this is the wrong move because it was the nurses and healthcare workers who were spreading the covid-19 at nursing home in Washington and B.C.

Deciding to wear masks in Winnipeg is still optional. So far there are  243 cases. So far I saw two people yesterday and two today walking around wearing masks. I decided that God Almighty Jesus Christ does not want us to go around and spread the fear by wearing a mask when you do not need to be wearing one instead breath fresh air. The first thing God Almighty gave man was Ruah or the breath of life. So I am not going to spread fear and  walk with a mask on. We are a free society so long as we respect others.

During the Egyptian Exodus not one Israelite died of the Plague.

5 People allowed in Winnipeg while shopping in small grocery store.. Wait outside instead?