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Manitoba is in a State of Emergency?

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 2019 Winter Storm Almost a Manitoba State of Emergency?

4:00 PM 10/13/2019

Manitoba State of Emergency trend almost made it. The State of Emergency Trend goes out to places like Syria and Japan. If you are in Syria where 800 ISIS members escaped and 100,000 civilians misplaced that is a State of Emergency but Manitoba State of Emergency? State of Emergency is a trend that Megatrndz has been following for the past years around the Globe . But sometimes it is not always a State of Emergency so should troops come and rescue?

No reason to call it a State of Emergency if the job was not done properly the first time. Saturday Night, the Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is calling Manitoba a State of Emergency claiming 40,000 customers are without power. The fault lies with the Manitoba Hydro company because the City where the Majority of the people are living are perfectly fine. 

It is City of Winnipeg Sunday October 13, 2019 and although it snowed a bit, it was nothing extraordinary. The snow has long been melted for past 24 hours now, due to the low weather temperatures of 1 degrees for the past two days clear visibility and reasonable winds.

I decided to take a walk on Sturgeon Creek part of Greenway Trail and there was no evidence of a Winter Storm left. However with a few branches thrown here and there. All branches seen in the video could have been nicely trimmed a few weeks ago when the weather was nice. Leaving trees uncared for years is really irresponsible. My trees in my backyard have been trimmed in the past weeks. 

Discernment Manitoba Syria Japan State of Emergency Trend?

Taking your time and preparing weeks before a real disaster happens is what God Almighty prepared us to do. Hundreds of years before Moses time, Joseph, Jacob or Israel's son interpreted the dream to the Pharaoh he told him that there would be 7 years of famine and 7 years of prosperity.