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Asteroid Trend Striking Near Earth's Orbit

ASTEROID TREND   Striking Near Earth's Orbit

Biggest Asteroid to pass asteroid 8666 200FL10 a quarter of a size of Mount Everest

Shock NASA warning: Asteroid TWO MILES wide will just miss Earth in 48 HOURS


The Next News Generation published a video on Oct 9, 2015 NASA CONFIRMED: TWO MILE ASTEROID BUZZES EARTH IN 48 HOURS

For months there has been speculation that an Asteroid will hit earth equal to the size of 100 Atom Bombs . On April 2015 in a secret meeting in Italy gatherers were briefed of a scenario. In the meantime, the UK News reporter Nathan Nao says "Experts warn a collision of this magnitude would trigger an explosion similar to millions of megatons of TNT and would be capable of killing 1.5 billion people."  Hmmmm or perhaps Hollywood movies such as Deep Impact and documentaries stating that Dinosaurs were extinct due to an Asteroid hitting the Earth more convincing. Or how about the  French Prime Minister announcing on May 13, 2015 that we have 500 days of climate chaos. And what about the vigilant elites buying underground bunkers as a safe haven to what is to come.

So you think the actual truth does not come out until last minute. The reports of two suns rising in some countries or that another planet called nibiru traveling with a satellite companion that will bring disaster to the Earth are not true. One thing is for sure can we rely on any of these details as actual proof. What has been trailing behind on the Internet crazy rumors that an Asteroid is set for coming close to the earth finally was confirmed leaving us with 48 hours of notice. Is poor judgement of character for the human beings out there. It is the power of Jesus and God Almightly that can really deter the outcome. When we have been abandoned and shunned out of the truth it usually works out well for the believer of the light and almighty.

It Sunday morning, the sky is fresh as yesterday and the world is crispy clean from this worlds perspective. However, Governments have been equipped and ready to fight the battle of Armageddon. Various sources on the internet have said that the asteroid will be destroyed into the Atlantic Ocean. Which ties into the theory and prophecy of huge tidal waves known as a tsunami will impact the U.S Coastlines. Prophet Ephrain Rodriguez and in 1974 Author David Wilkinson, Billions will die in South America and in North America says Tom Shorey in the Jim Bakker show on June 23, 2015.

Furthermore, Tom Shorey finds quotations in Mathew, Mark and Luke, Revelation and in the Bible:

Luke 21: 27


Mark 13:24

Revelation 18:21

Aster in Greek means Star

Youtube Videos

Asteroid/ Tsunami Prophecy on USA Television by I.S.B.P- International School of Biblical Prophecy- June 13, 2015

However on October 7, 2015 Wednesday Night close to 7 pm the sky was dark with a large wide streak of light fell from the sky. It lookes like it was really wide at the top as it diminished in size at the bottom. It looked whatever fell from the sky was like a meteor. It falls right in the time frame when huge meteors will be lighting the sky. So nothing really unusual. But then Nasa came out with its latest story attached with its 48 hours warning that a Asteroid will be hitting the Earth's Orbit on Saturday October 10, 2015.

Now NASA's denial of an Asteroid  not coming near the Earth several months ago is more of a controversial one. The September 24, 2015 internet trend of an asteroid coming close to Earth although a few days later seems to be more a sympathetic understandable miss than NASA's full denial a few month back. It is why when trends are spotted in this Internet Age, its creates credible crucial evidence to the massive reader out there. The terms prophecy or conspiracy should really be removed to the one's that have the valiant courage to put it out there for the readers to see and make the judgement for themselves.

A couple days ago, on October 8, 2015 NASA'S shocking 48 hours notice to the world is a miss to so many others who were following the closest prophecy out there.

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Today is Sunday October 11, 2015

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On a webpage   found by another reader on the internet called Near Earth Object Program 2015 IAA Planetary Defense Conference ( PDC ) to be held April 13 - 17, 2015 in Frascati, Italy..asteroid impact scenario will be presented during the classified meeting.:

This webpage is CLASSIFIED. Please refer to file #7566 of the internal classification code for further category placement. The September 28, Asteroid Impact  ( Classified)

The Asteroid was discovered on March 13, 2015 at magnitude 20.29 declination -39 degrees and heading south..or It is assigned the designation "2015 PDC-H5 " by Minor Planet Center

Youtube video called Asteroid to hit Earth September 28 th 2015 channel see you dream posted a week ago