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Human Crisis Trend : See to it That No One Misleads You Election Fraud Continues to be Fought in Court and by The Media

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Human Crisis Trend : See to it That No One Misleads You Election Fraud Continues to be Fought in Court and by The Media

by Veronica Davis 2021-04-22

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The Election Fraud trend of United States will go down in Historical Records. Prosecutions are still continuing to this day. American Election fraud has  been at its highest as people in the United States continue to call prior President Donald Trump as President. The irony in all of this, is the sentiment behind the American election continues to be fought in Court and by media. 

One person will be charged for election fraud after  voting for other than themselves. According to writer Martin Walsh from the  Conservative Brief it reported on April 21, 2021:

The DuPage County State’s Attorney’s Office has filed felony election fraud charges against five individuals in connection with the 2020 general election.

According to the Illinois state’s attorney’s office, all five individuals are facing one felony charge of perjury in connection to the election code.

“The charges include counts of forgery and perjury in election code, all class three felonies. A judge on Tuesday signed arrest warrants for the five defendants, each with a $1,000 bail,” the report added.
In 2016, the county went 53.1 percent for Hillary Clinton and 38.6 for Donald Trump, and in 2020, similarly went 58 percent for Joe Biden and 39.9 percent for Donald Trump...

A judge on Tuesday signed arrest warrants for the five suspects, and each person’s bail was set for $1,000.

This is the second major case involving voter fraud.

A justice of the peace and three others in Texas were arrested and face 150 charges of voter fraud.

Jesus Christ said that Deception be at its highest the Disciples asked him:

What will be the Sign of your coming and the end of age
Matthew 24:3

Jesus Replied:

See to it that no one misleads you.
Matthew 24:4

Misleads in Greek means to wander off. Remember how Jesus Christ said that his sheep hear his voice and never go astray. This is found in the Ancient Book written by the Apostle John 10:27 and in Gospel written by Apostle Matthew18:12

American Christians are being targeted. One of them is Pastor Todd Coconato, he wrote on April 21, 2 2021 news for the Remnant Warrior:

Newsweek magazine had decided to do an article on me. This then led to many other Left-wing publications mimicking their article, but putting a more radical spin on it. I believe this all started with a hit-piece that was published in "Right Wing Watch".

Then we started to get a ton of threats and emails.

Some security challenges reached a little too close to home, which prompted us to be wise and take needed action to protect ourselves, similar to what happened during the election.

The Left loves to dox truth-tellers.

We have already had to move once. I can't tell you how crazy it all is. It can take a toll on you, if you let it. You don't hear about this kind of thing in the media, but it is happening to those who are out there and sharing the truth. Its a communist tactic.

We have decided to trust God. He is our defense.

I have become a target of the Left, as they don't like that I am a truth teller and bold enough to share what really happened with the 2020 election as well as many other things that are going on in our world that the mainstream corporate media simply will not report on. They hate that I stand for the FULL Bible and am pushing back against anti-Christian bills that the Biden Administration is currently championing.

We are on the front lines and taking a lot of flack. This means we are over the target! We will NOT back down!

We are still fighting for election integrity, alternative social media/free-speech platforms, standing for religious liberty, helping to fight against HR1 and HR5 and also pushing back directly against the radical leftist agenda in our schools and local communities. 

We are also raising awareness to the major uptick in child sex trafficking under this administration. It’s hard to lay it all out, but we are busy to say the least.

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Human Crisis Trend Deception Trend The Eyes of the Deceiver

by Veronica Davis 20212-04-22

Posting Online with Measurements. Your mobility under scrutiny.

Surveillance Trend has been on the rise as Technology provides a means and way to follow anyone around without a need to expose who they are. It is like a Ghost following your every means.

icop is an acronym you may be unfamiliar with because it is making headlines such as in Yahoo News and Independent UK. The acronym may sound like you are spying on yourself.  So what does icop stand for. Try thinking about Internet Covert Operations Program. The Analysts are going through social media to report to the Government who are protesting.

The law enforcement arm of the USPS, the US Postal Inspection Service, is monitoring “inflammatory” social media posts and passing them over to other government agencies as part of the Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP), according to a Yahoo News report. 

Yahoo discovered the programme after obtaining a memo on 16 March marked as “law enforcement sensitive” that said USPS employees analysed “significant activity regarding planned protests occurring internationally and domestically on March 20, 2021.”

Who are the analysts.

Words like Analysts, Contact Tracers and other terms that could have an innocent meaning to humanities Liberties and Freedoms.  Where freedom to be mobile may one day be limited.

What will be the costs to the surveillance. 

Online it states how they go after people who are already have criminal activity so targeting an innocent bystander and making them into a suspect just so that they can do surveillance would put your liberties and anyone s liberties at risk. This is something that is already taking place with covid19 contact tracing.

Take for example in Canada what is happening today.  You can sit in a restaurant in Canada so long as you are giving up your privacy. In one case I was a target from Tim Horton, a coffee Shop. The cashier yelled at me asking me for my identification card or license. Giving up your private legal documents to a cashier means we are giving up our rights to just any regular citizen.  Who defines government officials and how they play a role in society. What government official authority can and who they can be. 

Also simply giving up your name and phone number just to sit down at a restaurant means that we are already submitting to numerous legal rights. It is saying you have the potential to get a disease that you may  never get. Also mobility rights have already been parts of the Charter rights and Freedom in Canada. Take for example in section 6 it states:

6. (1) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada.

(2) Every citizen of Canada and every person who has the status of a permanent resident of Canada has the right:

to move to and take up residence in any province; and
to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province.

So it is not just Protesting in the Street a means a way to surveil on you but may make you a target. What if you are walking on the street in the middle of a protest would that make you a target.

Even with the Inter provincial travel that is occurring in Canada where the police can refuse people from enter a province unless it is essential travel is against the Mobility Rights.

As part of the Mobility Rights, it gives Canadians the rights for a passport. This means that creating a vaccine passport means that it is already a term that never has existed. Adding one definition to a term is already infringing in the law of wording, if there is such a term. But part of fighting the law, is also fighting how the words are created. What it is defined. It can only be defined by a Judge. A judge can not make something that is not in writing. A crooked judge can mislead lawyers or the victims to get what they want. But they can not change anything that is already in writing.

Such as written in The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms the analysis off section 6 The Mobility rights, it states word by word:

(ii) Section 6(1) and the right to a passport
A majority of the Supreme Court stated in obiter that the requirement that citizens present a passport to enter Canada would not be an infringement of their mobility rights since the passport serves to identify those who can exercise the rights of Canadian citizens. The court went on to suggest that an unjustifiable limit of the Charter may arise if this requirement can only be met with great difficulty or expense (R v. Nikal, [1996] 1 S.C.R. 1013, at paragraph 96).

Therefore the word passport would have to be changed to vaccine passport  which does not exist. So this part would need to be contested in order to fight the vaccine passports that would to be enforced in 2021. 

So According to Canadian law Bora Laskin Law Library states :

In the common law in Canada, judges must follow the principle of stare decisis, which requires that judges follow the previous rulings (i.e. precedents) of other judges in higher courts in their province or territory and the Supreme Court of Canada on the same issue. Decisions from the same level of court or other provinces or jurisdictions may assist judges in reaching a decision. The body of case law is comprised of these decisions.

Screenshots Section 6 – Mobility rights  2021-04-22


Section 6 – Mobility rights

The Constitution Act, 1982, Schedule B to the Canada Act 1982 (UK), 1982, c 11

Post service accused of monitoring American social media posts under controversial ‘iCOP’ surveillance project ‘Covert’ programme monitoring messages for ‘inflammatory’ content ahead of planned protests by James Crump  April 22, 2021

Bora Laskin Law Library

Draconian Measurements They are COMING After our BEHAVIOUR

by Veronica Davis 2021-04-19

Emergency Measures Act     Constitutional Right   Draconian rule

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Canadians are known to be caring for the free, roaming free. Up to one day it all changed. The days that you are better off without a moving vehicle.

In a country where Marijuana is legal and soon the hallucinogens, psychedelics' will be too. What kind of World will we be living in. The German Nazi Army was kept up for days on experimental drugs just so they could win. Could this be a reality soon for the World too. What are we injecting to ourselves. Do We even know. I hear Jelly Fish, I hear baby parts. Do we even know the reality. 

When we go to the grocery stores, we get a list of ingredients on the cover of every product. What about the vaccines. Most do not even know or are afraid to ask the kind of vaccine.

It was not too long ago, Euthanasia became legal in Canada. I saw a sad video of a Mother recording her Mother being injected with something  that would immediately end her life. This was a sad reminder of what are we doing to our bodies. Does anyone care where the body goes once it dies. 

Ezekiel 13    Wiccans roaming to take the Souls

What is obedience for some is disobedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. So when it comes to the times we are living in who do we believe the Authority or God Almighty Jesus Christ. The answer is simple, the Holy Spirit will guide us so long as we keep him close to our Hearts and maintain the Crown of Life over our Heads. The Path that you choose to take in life is truly already been set long ago from the time Humanity was created in the Garden of Eden.

You already are familiar with the following words: Vaccines, Mobility Rights , Masks and Crown

Are we being vaccinated out of fear or is it a truth. Vaccination will not save you but Jesus Christ will. Everyday I  forget we are in a pandemic. I wake up every morning with not one thought of Pandemic or covid19 comes to mind. Not until I see what society is doing to themselves. Destroying social norms. I see fear all over even though vaccines will not save you. I have been the healthiest this year and the past. Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ I will continue to be strong. The Lord Jesus Christ will continue to do this to all of us.  I bless all you readers who care for this website. I never promote fear because Jesus Christ said there is no fear in Love. Which is why I have been writing on this topic for over a year. I even designed the theme of my new collection to be no fear in Love. And it is true, we must wear the Crown it is the promise Jesus Christ gave us.

 We are the KINGS

The Greek word for nations is ethnos and it means a race, a nation, pl. the nations, as distinct from Israelites.

Revelation 2:10    Revelation 4:10 

"For the Gentiles seek these things; for your heavenly Father knows that you need all this things. Matthew 6:32

"For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom and in various places there will be famine and earthquakes. But all these things are the beginning of birth pangs. 
Matthew 24:7-8

You are already beginning to see what vaccines production origins are separating countries. There has been 25 countries rejecting Azteca Vaccines. Or how about Taiwan and China . Taiwan offers to help its allies secure covid19 vaccines so long as they do not spend money from vaccines made in China.

I have been trying to release my third book now for a while, Perfect Love. It is the second book of the series, What would Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ say.  It is complete but not fulfilled. I am not sure if that makes sense. But there was a fulfillment Jesus Christ came to do, before he left Earth. But he taught us his wisdom. Today, Remember the Crown of Life is the message from the Lord Above. We are the Kings, wearing the Crown that Jesus Christ the protector. Remember the Crown

While some people believe this is the end of a nation others do not.  Everything is all connected at a global level. All in the name of Health and Safety. But Draconian measurements was warned to us even before the Pandemic was labeled. So why was this set before. Because Pandemics was already studied in the minds of many politicians, ideologists, eugenics etc.

Take for example, Canada people are upset with how  the Prime Minister Trudeau has continued on with the Draconian Measurements. Hashtags all over the internet will say it so. We all need to voice out our opinion right.

Around April 13, 2021 a very well known politician and serving as the Prime Minister of Canada Trudeau said as recorded from CPAC link at two minutes:

I think it is really important that we work from facts and understanding of the Science around things we know for example that the UK is ahead everybody else on vaccination then yet they maintain very strong restrictions facing a very serious third wave vaccination on their own are not enough to keep us safe we need to engage on the right kind of behavior do things that the conservatives are not always good at like wearing masks keeping distances an obeying public health rules.

People are getting confused , does this mean  we will be wearing mask forever. Vaccinated or not!,  one person commented online.

The Ontario Government said, We have made the deliberate decision to temporarily enhance authority

 One twitter stated about interprovince mobility rights: The Atlantic Provinces have had their Emergency Measures Act in place for over a year so they can "justify" stripping people of their Mobility Rights. If Trudeau does this it will be so they can strip this Constitutional Right everywhere. It's the most Draconian rule their is. 8:43 PM · Apr 18, 2021

It was a time where the Roman Empire had authority over all the Kingdoms. Satan empire was present on Earth. No different than today. Jesus Christ taught his believers to have power over the wicked:

"Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy and nothing will injure you."
Luke 10:19

If you are one of those following the twitter hashtags you will be familiar with these ones:


You want my opinion, While there are reports of surges happening, all I see are happy people enjoying fresh air with out a mask over here. So depending where you are in this World you choose to accept the  whose truth the one of the serpents or the one set by Lord Jesus Christ.

The Sacred Bible
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Paperback available worldwide on amazon
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