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 Election Fraud Trend     Store Closing Trend

   Store Closing Trend


by Veronica Davis 20221-01-08 10:40 AM

There are stories that Trump currently is quietly in Texas. Since, January 6, 2020 the media has been non-stop picking at the 'Trump supporters' as the culprit of what happened. If you have been keeping up with this trend then you are being just brainwashed.

This is all part of a propaganda a hate speech media created phrase trend. It is simply a targeting trend as well. The hatred the media has birthed towards Christians is just one more thing on their agenda. People are being led to believe that hating a group of Christian believers is what they must start. This is an evil agenda.

I am not American but I am a Christian.  It is unfortunate what happened on January 6 th but the truth is that it was a rally taken over by sabotages, provocateur's and Satan worshippers. Because true Christians do not believe in violence. 

The rally may have been for 'Trump Supporters' but it did not mean that no one else was welcomed. 

When Jesus died on the Cross he said not one word to the culprits. He did say, ' Father why have you abandoned me'. He said this at a time when he was  human and suffering like any any other human, not like a GOD that he is. So why he said what is written in the Gospel of  Mark 15:34 is truly a mystery, but one thing is for sure, it is a question Jesus left for us to figure out. There will be a time when we must look to GOD for help.

At the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice,


 which is translated, "MY GOD MY GOD, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME" 

So when the President of the United States Donald J Trump tweets that he will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th today he has every right to say so.

After all the whole planned event that happened on January 6, 2020 was a sabotage of his great speech in which he had every right to hold he is still the President of the United States.

So even after he was censored by Global Techs, somehow his accounts mysteriously start working again. That is how shaky technology can be even for a President of a country. Donald J Trump has done the best he can do up to this point. He has up to this point done all he could to prove the fraudulent votes. Many like General Flynn and Radio Host Alex Jones have been communicating with his audience to continue to expose the evil agenda behind the ones that are trying to steal the vote. General Flynn believes the President will continue his victory for the next 4 years. The evil like Russia gate will be exposed.

General Michael Flynn, former advisor to the President on the January 7, 2020 interview with radio host Alex Jones explained how on November 3, 2020 elections there was foreign interference. The President of the United States Donald Trump won the elections at approximately 10:30 pm of November 3, 2020. Then all the sudden after 5 American States mysteriously stop everything and shut down.

 General Flynn explained how there are two types of electronic machine system used in the American Elections and the companies owning these machines messed around with the algorithms. In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm (/ˈælɡərɪðəm/ ( listen)) is a finite sequence of well-defined, computer-implementable instructions, typically to solve a class of problems or to perform a computation. This and This adds up to this.

The two  systems used are are the Dominion and ESMS. Ninety five percent of the electronic votes comes from these two systems. The companies behind those machines are owned by the Communist Party. Two hundred million dollars was paid to Dominion company by the Communist China (chicoms) in 2019. In October of 2020 another 400 million was given to the Dominion by the Chicoms. 

Christian faith based Alex Jones led the peaceful Washington Pro- Trump March earlier on January 6, 2020.

In Conclusion, everything in life comes with a blessing or curse from God. He is the beginning and the End of our lives. And just like, Jesus Christ died quietly and felt betrayed by the humanity that existed during his time, his Gospel is still being preached around the World. That is what will happen next. Whether  the President of the United States will have another 4 years or not, known this God Almighty is behind everything and will never let his people down.

Correction from " C'oup D'etat in the U.S ?" by Veronica Davis 2021-01-06 5:30 pm, Ashli Babbitt was shot from the front not from behind. This is clear in videos surfacing online.

Retailers Closing Trend: Will North America Retail Industry Look The Same in Couple of Years?

by Veronica Davis 20221-01-08 10:30 AM

In 2021, some stores like Mega food stores have taken a huge chunk of the pie from the retail industry. Meanwhile Mom and pop corner stores have been disappearing in a blink of an eye. Blame it on the Pandemic or not but this has been happening for the past five years as huge brick stores were heading out. But the question remains , what is the real reason? Have we been fooled by the media just like the other fake news we are being fed or propaganda?  So what has been the real news behind store closures. Sure we can blame it on the pandemic restrictions. But remember how when in December CEO's were dropping like flies leaving mysteriously. This would certainly bring down investments in unkown areas affecting the markets.

Then there were other unclear not so transparent reasons. Take for example, the Huge Stores that have been going through litigation not because of a downfall of the company's books but for the CEO's or founders. For one making headlines is the Founder and Fashion Mogul Peter Nygard, owner of Nygard International. He remains in Headingly Correctional Centre since December 14, 2020 after not being let allowed to set bail by a Manitoban Judge. He is facing allegations of rape, sexual misconduct and assault. The future affiliations with ex- Nygard Designers,  employees and investors  for many will it be dead or will there be a rebirth?

So the list of Store Closing Trend is unbelievably long. It will take some time to make a note of them. Some are recognized to represent a culture  than just a fashion statement.  So it is not just Nygard retail Stores closing this year there was Le Chateau a clothing store one never imagined on closing.

So what is next in the next few decades of fashion. Will it bring new designers or new Groups into the clothing industry?

 Or will fashion just suddenly just die out?

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 Election Fraud Trend 

C'oup D'etat in the U.S ? 2021-01-06 2 pm

U.S Capital in a LOCKDOWN 2021-01-06 2 pm

'Boom..Explosions of Bullsht', says the Present American President 2021-01-06

Did a C'oup Really Happen in the U.S ?

by Veronica Davis 2021-01-07 2:30 pm

Video of what happened  at the Capital Hill on Jan 6 2020 by megatrndz

C'oup D'etat in the U.S ?

by Veronica Davis 2021-01-06 5:30 pm

Was the lockdown part of a plot for a c'oup d'etat. It is not clear how the breach occurred but some clues are hidden in images. Images do not speak but they can explain alot of what has happened earlier today. 

The hidden clues behind mysterious lockdown depicting c'oup d'etat? 

Two joint by the shoulder Military troops storm first into the Capital Hill doing the breach. Woman is cold heartedly shot on the neck perhaps from behind while she is going through a window. The secret service shot the woman. A ritual sacrifice is how the Pagans pay to their gods. The bull is a symbol from Ancient times serving as a god. A man mysteriously dressed with bull horns and pedo tattoos on him carrying a United States flag suggests the pagan rituals will be the dominant driving force behind the United States. Corruption will remain is the hidden meaning behind the costume fool dressed in picture below. Next to the fool are antifa exposed rioters see link of video. The person exposing this antifa posers. Llin Wood has had his twitter account suspended. The irony in all of this was Ashli Babbitt, the woman shot from the front was a 14 year airforce veteran. Her last retweet was from  Lin Wood. Censorship trend continued today for many including President Donald Trump he is now banned. See video of antifa exosed

But the real C'oup d'etat happened when President Trump was never briefed about bring in National Guard today.

The acting Secretary of Defense admitted that he and the Joint Chiefs Chairman didn’t discuss deploying the National Guard with President Trump — but instead Vice President Pence and Congressional leaders

screenshot watch actual video on youtube
Screenshot see actual video

U.S Capital in a LOCKDOWN

by Veronica Davis 2021-01-06 2 pm

Before 2:40 pm Central Time

God Bless the United States. Will the Senate go into session in an alternate location? The Capital in the United States is currently in a lockdown shortly after the President of the United States made his speech today.  In the middle of a session that was taking place inside the Chambre just shortly after beginning the session was interrupted. The focus at this moment is on the Senate Session. The Capital and Senate Chamber has been breached. It has caught everyone off guard.  But will more guards be sent? The defense Department has just denied the National guard to be sent to the Capital according to one reporter's tweet.

Lawmakers are only allowed in those steps. The most secured building in the country is being placed in a lockdown in the middle of the session.

Hundreds and thousands of protesters have been walking in that building. At times it appeared as peaceful. But protesters have broken glass. The capital police which is strict did not choose to resist the protests. The reporter, Scott Wong says perhaps not to inflame the situation.

Nancy Pelosi is safe. A reporter speaking from the second floor said that there was tear gas in the House of Chamber where the  Session was taking place. 

There is a protester that is sitting in the Chamber Chair with his fist up. The ongoing situation is progressing. If there was a protestor sitting on the Chamber Chair that would mean that everyone in the session is in a private safe location. The State of Washington is currently sending Emergency Alert messages on people phone.

Will the situation calm down as the day gets darker. We pray for the best for the people of American in this difficult time. 

Niels Lesniewski a reporter says that the proceeding of the Senate may continue in a separate location.

The Speakers Officer confirms that the Speaker is in a safe place.  

In the below live video you will see how the demonstrators broke into a window and entered the House of Capital.  In another video it shows the breachers storming over guards. In the video where guards are fighting with protesters there is already 8.7 million views in just a short time frame.

At 3:13pm President Donald Trump tweeted.

After  2:44 pm Central Time

There is a curfew for 6 pm being placed. Reporters are not disclosing information of what is happening inside out of safety. The National Guard has been called. Multiple shots have been fired. About half an hour ago, tweets went out," They are on the third floor." Media reports  as Trump Supporters being the culprit for this type of violence. Just because they are wearing a Trump Hat does not mean they are supporters. They are provacatours not Trump Supporters as the media is spinning it as.    

An Eyewitness saw the Secret Police shoot a woman on the head. See picture below being sent to the hospital. As of 3:20 pm central time, the woman shot on the neck had died. 

More on this story More on this

Watch in video how the National Guards were among first to go into Capital Hill. See youtube list called Capital Hill Attack

'Boom..Explosions of Bullsht', says the Present American President 


The Crowd cheered for Trump, 'We Love You".

Today The President of the United States Donald J Trump made an amazing speech full of credibility. One thing is to hear the numbers from other members of Congress another coming from the mouth of the President.

'Explosions of Bullshit', says the Present American President when describing what happened after the Election day and scam of mail in ballots. When he said it, the crowd went wild. "This is a criminal enterprise' to describe the fraud in this US elections. 

"Mike Pence I hope you stand up for the good of the constitutions and for the good of your Country if not I am going to be very disappointed.. I am not hearing good stories " says Trump.

He described about the mysterious water break 'everybody leave' happened while they added fraudulent votes for 2 hours. At 1:34 am, A hundred thousand votes mysteriously showed up all for Biden, almost none for Trump he continued his speech. Georgia, Michigan and Nevada were among some of the places where this types of fraud happened.  The President of the United States speech was full of numbers and facts, below are a list of a few statements.

10,300 Georgia votes of people dead prior to election

+2500 Georgia votes matched incarcerated individuals

4,500 illegal ballots do not appear on the Georgia voter roll

18,000 Georgia votes had vacant addresses according to the postal service

88 000 Georgia registrations were Illegally backdated

66 000 votes in Georgia were under the legal voting age

15 0000 votes were of people who had moved out of Georgia state prior Nov 3 election

36 000 votes were illegal non citizens in Arizona

2000 Arizona returned with no address 

11,600 Arizona votes counted more voters

150,000 after the registration deadline

103,000 votes were sent to electronic adjudication with no republican observers

130,000 votes no signature verification in Nevada

42,000 double votes in Nevada

1500 votes in Nevada had died before Nov 3

17,000 Michigan votes were deceased people

174,000 Detroit votes counted without being tied to a register voter "No one knows where they came from"

3 to 5 times rescanning ballots

139% of register Detroit voters 

6,000 Michigan votes from Trump to Biden

205,000  Pennsylvania more votes then voters

He continued to describe the fraud that has occurred as  happening "Within minutes' when the President  Donald Trump lost 17 000 votes. 'A 12,000 vote switch all in Mr Biden. In several counties in Georgia, President Trump was reported having 29 391 votes at 9:11 pm eastern time. The President speech continued to talk about the fraud, 'While simultaneously Former Vice President Biden had 17 213,  Minutes later, at the next update this vote numbers switched"

Election Fraud U.S.A 2020

Hundreds of people are gathering up today infront of the Whitehouse in Support for the President of the United States Donald J Trump. 

Currently the join session of congress to count electoral college votes  is playing out.  see video below

"We were leading, then late in the evening and in the morning...Boom! These explosions of BULLSHIT!" January 6 2021

LIVE: Joint Session of Congress for Counting of Electoral College Ballots - 1pm (Jan. 6)

In the middle of the joint session, the Capital is in a lockdown. The house was asked to be in order. A man left the session. People are being now ordered to stay inside their office.

#GlobalNews #USElection #Trump

"Save America" Rally: Trump speaks to supporters in Washington, DC | LIVE

Yesterday, the National Guard Called in DC. There are 500 national Guards  called for the Jacob Lake Shooting Protest. The protest comes after there were no charges laid for a police officer who shot Jacob Lake. Jacob has been left paralyzed from the waist down. He was shot seven times at close range in August 2020.


Hundreds of Trump supporters head to White House ahead of planned protests January 6 2021

#GeorgiaElection #CovidVaccine #NBCNews

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - January 5th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

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