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Rollout Trend A New Airline Rollout

Rollout Trend A New Airline Rollout


As the first week of the New Year 2021 comes to an end, it seems that we can not get away from a new Pandemic news.

Will there be many people stranded abroad after the new Covid-19 Rollout Airline rule for travelers into Canada?

In the past month the word 'rollout' has been trending.  You probably have heard this word trending in the news to refer to 'vaccine rollout' or 'Airline Rollout'.

The media as well as politicians have been using the 'rollout' word for the past month. If you are a foreigner or English is not your first language this would be confusing term to understand.

Covid-19  is changing airline rules quickly. Although reports says that the Airlines want proof of negative results, we know that it is the Government requesting. In the same way this could be said for other institutions.

PCR Test? Has anyone heard of it. It is the test that will be making headlines for travelers into Canada. If you are over 5 years old and traveling into Canada you must have a PCR Test done. You must test negative and the test has to be done within the 72 hours. 

There will definitely be chaos for those travelling into Canada today. Travelers abroad will need to find the PCR Test in the country that they are in. What if it is not available? Travelers abroad may also be under restriction to certain locations.

Today at midnight it will come to affect. Must have a negative PCR Test. And the rapid tests will not be enough to be allowed into Canada. There is an exception for travelers from Miquelon, St. Pierre and Haiti. Why Haiti? The answer was never explained. Because Haiti is not Canadian.


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