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Celestial Trend : Day of Atonement Yon Kippur 2020

 Celestial Trend : Day of Atonement Yon Kippur 2020

by Veronica Davis 9/28/ 2020

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Excerpt from second Book 'Perfect Love'  of the series called What Would Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ Say?'  :

The Day of Atonement

How deep is God Almighty’s love for us? 

There were special days assigned by God Almighty.

The Day of Atonement 10 days after The Festival of the Trumpets or Rosh Hashana.  The Day of Atonement is also known as Yon Kippur. It is a day where God Forgives. This shows how God Almighty love is immense he forgives us no matter how grave of a sin. But this day is mutual one must repent. Yon Kippur is a Day of Reconciliation where we are reminded that we are one with him. It is a day a reminder of how deep and immense his love for us is.

The Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur 2020 begins in the evening of Sunday, September 27 2020

and ends in the evening of Monday, September 28 2020.

 The Day of Atonement  is the Holiest day of Sabbath.

Book of Leviticus 16:29 23:27

Book of Leviticus 16:29 

Book of Leviticus 23:27

On this Special day wear white as a symbol of what is to come on this day in the Future.

What has happened in the past will happen again in the future. I will always say that because God Almighty is so precise on his timing. This is also found in Saint John’s book of Revelation. Apostle and Saint, John is given a vision of the future and of what is to come in Heaven and on Earth.

Book of Revelation 7:8   12:10   19:11

Book of Revelation 7:8   Marriage of the Lamb 

Book of Revelation 12:10   Woman and Dragon

Book of Revelation 19:11 Trustworthy White War Horse

Keep this day of rest on your Calendar. On this Holy Day even if you are not a devoted religious person the Creator of Heaven and Earth will still be there. You will fall right into what Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ was telling us many thousands of years ago and what will happen when God Almighty comes back again.

Why we rest?

Resting is a reminder of time slowing down at times we stop doing everything we want to do. The celestial event that will happen described in the Book of Revelation will stop time.

Jesus Christ teaches us what it will be like on his Second coming in the Gospel of Saint Matthew chapter 24.

When we are resting it is also us waiting for his return. When we wait for a house guest you want to have your house in order and show no signs of stress.  As a sign of dignity, clearing the way, the path for his arrival.

Wear something white as a symbol of purity. And fast if you are strong enough to do it. Read the Book of Jonah. Also, it is not just about asking God Almighty for forgiveness, forgive those that have caused you harm. Forgive those that have trespassed against those so God Almighty can forgive you as well.

When you wear white remember this verse from the Book of Revelation chapter 7. It is a very short chapter, but it gives in detail a celestial event that is to come.

Great Tribulation

After this things I looked ..continue reading  Great Tribulation

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How does blood turn robes white? 

The white robes must be a reflection of our souls.

They have washed their Robes turned white in the blood of the Lamb. Rv 7:14

They means the people are doing the washing themselves.

Water turned into red wine. This miracle performed by Jesus Christ is similar to what will happen in the Great Tribulation an event that is to come. 

We are living water when we live with Christ. 
As we live our lives on Earth the Water.
 Life is in the blood. The is life in the blood.
Our Souls are as fluid as water. 
Water can become wine. 
Our Souls  do not have blood after death. 
There is blood in the Lamb. 
As we dip our souls into Blood of the Lamb 
we have transferred to everlasting living souls.
There is life in the blood. 
There is everlasting life in the Lamb.
Throughout our lives our blood becomes
cold, and dead 
 full of sins,
Jesus Christ cleans
our tainted blood, our  sins through repentance.
Those who have ears to hear let them hear.

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Festival of the Trumpets September 18, 2020
Day of Atonement Yom Kippur 2020  Holiest Sabbath
begins in the evening of Sunday, September 27 2020 and ends in the evening of Monday, September 28 2020