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Unexplained Trend Blackout and Censorship Solar Observatory

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Unexplained Trend Blackout and Censorship Solar Observatories Closed to Public  

Saturday 2018-09-15 updated 2018-09-16

When thousands of people are unable to view the public observatory telescopes on line of the Sun is this a form of Censorship or a security question. On September 6, 2018 the FBI evacuated everyone on the New Mexico Observatory. This began to make news worldwide. There were viewers that commented that Two orbs were seen on SDO satellite on September 9, 2018. So was the shut down days before a heads up of something to come.

After several days, of news blackout, reports of espionage may have solved to answer the New Mexico Observatory shut down but what about the other Countries. So one must cross out espionage worldwide.

Unexplained Trend Blackout and Censorship Solar Observation by megatrndz

 Australia, Spain, Chile, Hawaii, Canada , United States and France had webcams of observatory around the world shut down or not disclosed to public. It quickly became a trend due to the fact that the observatory are telescopes around the world that is open to the public online and when that is not accessed people begin to raise concerns. Let us look at the events around the world.

One person named Alexander Mason makes an important observation:

Check out the Shecci Satellite for the 6th and 7th. Missing 7 hours of feed. Where last year on the 6th and 7th of 2017 is when the death star looking thing appeared in front of Satellite...The closed sun Observatory on 6th.

In 1961 - 1965 Garabandal, Spain apparitions of the Virgin Mary was a place where for over 2 years three young girls saw in visions the Virgin Mary over two thousands times it was recorded. In one warning of the Virgin Mary to the young one name Conchita, claiming that there will be a warning of two stars colliding with one another. But if this is to take place nervous  scientists around the world is preventing human kind from being able to see what is to come. Conchita did say that we would get a warning within ourselves and God will warn us before hand.

Saturday September 16

Breaking: “Sunspot New Mexico Observatory” (Planet X Incident)

Saturday September 15
They're at it Again: Sunspot Observatory/NASA Probe/MA Fires by Lori Colley


Friday September 14


[9.14] National Solar Observatory Evacuation Initial Analysis - What Are The Possibilities? by Destroying the Illusion

The REAL Reason For Solar Observatory Shutdown? Secureteam10
Wednesday September 12, 2018

Mystery Solved, National Solar Observatory Closed, Eclipse, Carrington Event by Mary Greely

New Mexico shuts down in September 6 and Hilo University Campus, Hawaii Shuts down Observatory

Possible Connection To Sunspot, New Mexico - Hawaii Observatory Camera's Are Down

#jonexarmy #sunspotobservatory #closed "Theories” why the FBI closed the National Solar Observatory! BY John X Army

Something's WRONG: National Solar Observatory EVACUATES over ‘Security Issue’ - Possible Reasons

FBI Shuts Down Sunspot Observatory by political avenger

September 13 2018

FBI Closes Sunspot Observatory, Entire Town Now Abandoned, On Scene

September 12, 2018
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September 11, 2018

NEWS BLACKOUT: Space Observatory Mysteriously LOCKED DOWN & Nobody...

Two Objects Eclipse Sun on SDO Satellite on 9th Part 1 by WSO

September 9, 2018

7 hours of Data Missing on all SECCHI Satellites

Does this mysterious event has to do with Revelation 12 September 23, 2017

Blue Koolaid Oh Ya published on Sep 9, 2018
Multiple hours missing on SECCHI satellites from the 6 and 7 of September. Plus huge object shows up exactly one year ago from Data missing.

Data missing on all SECCHI satellites plus huge object showed up

Hole In the Antarctica Ice


¿Qué PASÓ en Garabandal? Documental completo. (ESPAÑOL) by Virgen Medjugorje Published on Mar 9, 2016

Climate Chaos Q Hurricane Florence, Washington Gods  

Thursday 2018-09-13

September 12 was a busy day for the leaders of the weather warfare agenda. The Q trend may be a trend that  some youtubers are following around the World, channels like Destroying the Illusion and Lori love to follow it as part of the social media enthusiast.

While some are believing Hurricane Florence is a naturally formed monster others are not been fooled. Deborah Tavares, Lori Colley and Project Camelot channel are among those that are not being fooled.


Steered and Manipulated are the warning words of Dane Wigington master of sounding the alarm of Geoengineering . A distraction of September 11.  But if you do not believe in engineered weather than perhaps  watch video of the engineered monstrous mosquitoes harassing California citizens. Jane Tande wants everyone to know what is happening in California as she fears the chemtrails are to blame watch as part of the  Human Crisis Trend: Silent Weapons, Health Alerts Radiation and Mind Control  watch video entitled BIOLOGICAL WARFARE: WEAPONIZED MOSQUITOS/NANOBOTS HAVE BEEN DEPLOYED        .

Hurricane Florence, Geoengineering Mass Destruction And Distraction ( Dane Wigington )

New Q: Panic in DC - Posts from Sept. 11,12

[9.12] QAnon / Hurricane Florence / Solar Observatory Evacuated / New Antarctica Map by Destroying the Illusion

Human Crisis Trend: Silent Weapons, Health Alerts Radiation and Mind Control 2018-09-13

Deception Agenda Trend False Prophets & Gods  

Thursday 2018-09-13

The Deception Agenda continues all around the world as we are being fooled into believing events that have not occurred. But the fools are only the ones that believe. Read Further Exposing the False Gods Backlash  Deception Agenda is really here.