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Biological Warfare Trend : The Wicked Demonic Flu present on Earth

Megatrndz Social Trends Week 12 March 12 - 18, 2018

Megatrndz Social Trends Week 12 March 12 - 18, 2018 A million Thanks to the current megatrndz readers make sure you check out megatrndz show on megatrndz youtube channel. If you like these story please make sure to share what friends by clicking share button above.

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Stop Spraying The Lies.. The Earth No Longer What Use To Beby Veronica Davis 2018-03-19
#lookup #wedonotconsent #WeThePeople #OpRestoreFreedom #WeAreNotWetWare @POTUS #StopGeoengineering #WeDoNotConsent #CellManipulation #5G #DisconnectFreque…

Social Collapse Trend: Food Scarce Venezuela

Social Trend Social Collapse Trend Food Scarce VenezuelaStrange Trend Nano Technology, Nanobots
Unpredictable Celestial Objects hitting the EarthClimate ChangeWhy is Christianity often Mocked and under Attack and Kept in SilenceClimate Chaos
An Abnormal January had massive Animal DeathsSocial Collapse Trend:  Food Scarce Venezuela2018-13-07 by Veronica Davis 

Food For Thought
Meal of the Day
Is it possible to end the poverty. End the war on children. So They THINK. They have it all figured out.  Protesting outside. Begging for Food. Depriving us of Natural Seeds. Organic vs Hybrid.
Natural vs GMO Depriving us of the dirt Chemtrails  Spraying Aluminum, Barium and  Stragum. And convincing us that is good for the environment. What kind of fools are we.

Blessed are the meek
For they inherit the Earth
Blessed those who hunger and thirst
for righteousness
Blessed are the peacemakers.
St. Matthew 5:5-10
Another reason why we should be thinking like the Lord of Lords and Kings of Kings, Je…