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March For Life 2019

Human Crisis Venezuela 72 hours update 80 New Babies Die during National Power Outages

Human Crisis  Venezuela 72 hours update 80 New Babies Die  during National Power Outages2019-03-13
Here in North America if you are not preparing for a disaster then you are in for a long train ride. Prepare prepare prepare has been long been announced for the past 5 years. Not just in case of a EMP Attack but for natural disasters that may bring the power grid down.

So is a Country like Venezuela that has been in crisis for years now setting a world stage for something more. In the past 72 hours there has been a National power blackout leaving over 21 deaths and 80 newborns dead under emergency care. 

Marco Rubio an American Politician is twitting  about the Venezuelan crisis because in his home state Florida, the news hits close home. Rubio reports on March 10 2019, "at least 20 neonatal patients have died at University in Maracaibo Zulia after the National Electrical power off from March 7 to 10th.

I am not sure why but when a country is in a crisis and the government is agai…

Human Crisis Yellow Vest Protest Leaves People Handicapped

Human Crisis Yellow Vest Protest Leaves People Handicapped2019-01-27 #YellowVests#GiletJaunes

What kind of World are we living in.
Governments falling a part.
Can anyone think about who is pulling the strings behind the curtain.
I warned about how creepy the Remembrance Day November 11, 2018 truly looked like when Presidents came together under the Arc of Triumph or Arc of Baal.

People think that protest are some kind of walk but in reality Governments eventually turn it into violence. Is it really worth loosing an eye. Or loosing a life. Or be part of a political prison.

This week Violence is still happening in the streets of France. Rubber bullets are so harmful that it can leave one forever blind and handicapped. This is the case for one man in the streets of France today. The Macron police rubber bullets deliberately left one forever without an eye.

France Crisis Violence Continues #YellowVests

Human Crisis Yellow Vest Canada Calgary2019-01-26
The yellow vest controversial anti global…

Human Crisis Update Venezuela , Russia, United States, Canada

Human Crisis  Update Venezuela , Russia, United States, Canada2019-01-25
Things are sure heating up in South America. It was last July that the Blood Moon was over Jerusalem. Now it was over North and South America so will in bring Judgement on all the Nations.

While Putin warns Trump, Canada is there with Trump. Putin is siding with China. It is a siding of the Communists Ideologies. The question is , when will the crimes of humanity be paid by the communist creating the Chaos.

The United States has elected a President for Venezuela and it should do the same for Nicaragua.

This week the United States does not head to Davos. While there is a military alliance discussion between France and Germany.

While the events unfold around the world, preparing and stocking up on food and necessities is always good in case something unexpected unfolds.

Washington recognizes Venezuela opposition leader as president, Maduro orders embassy closing in US
Update Events on Venezuela


Second Caravan Begins Forming in Honduras Scared Confused People Begin Journey last Night

Second Caravan Begins Forming in Honduras 150 Scared Confused People Begin Journey last Night2019-01-16

#CaravanaHondurena #MigrantCaravan 2nd Begins

January 16, 2019

The final march towards the Guatemalan border #CaravanaHondureñ — Tom Phillips (@tomphillipsin) January 16, 2019
No one tells them of the terrible journey up ahead. Last week, a  pastor in Tijuana has taken in 150 dying and sick people from the caravan waiting for their papers to be accepted in various countries. They were  abandoned in wineries and garages with little to eat and in despair conditions. No one helps them but the local charities whom work round the years to raise funds for this abandoned people looking for a better life in civil war torn countries like Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Yesterday, 150 people started off in the San Pedro Sula bus station in Honduras accompanied by Human Rights group. In an interview seen below, it is mentioned that Families are being split …

Human Crisis In Tijuana Ever Wonder Who are the real Humanitarian

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 Human Crisis in Tijuana Ever Wonder Who are the real HumanitarianVeronica Davis  2018-12-26
Humanitarians around the world are the ones that are going to be helping in the mist of  the chaos created in our society. The real victims are the migrants that end up lost having to leave their  countries at civil war or persecution. While in their transitional journey little hope is left unless they get the help from humanitarian ca…

Human Crisis Trend Total Migrants in Paris and Columbia not a Problem Right! Over 1.5 million in 2018