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Human Crisis In Tijuana Ever Wonder Who are the real Humanitarian

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 Human Crisis in Tijuana Ever Wonder Who are the real HumanitarianVeronica Davis  2018-12-26
Humanitarians around the world are the ones that are going to be helping in the mist of  the chaos created in our society. The real victims are the migrants that end up lost having to leave their  countries at civil war or persecution. While in their transitional journey little hope is left unless they get the help from humanitarian ca…

Human Crisis Trend Total Migrants in Paris and Columbia not a Problem Right! Over 1.5 million in 2018

Human Crisis Champs-Elysées à Paris Tijuana Mexico Street Protest and Hidden Hand November 18-24, 2018

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Human Crisis Champs-Elysées à Paris Tijuana Mexico Street Protest and Hidden Hand November 18-24, 2018by Veronica Davis 2018-11-24 6:50 pm
Is it a fight against the nationalist or against the globalists?
Has the  Creepy Meeting at the Arc of Baal November 11, 2018 released unseen demonic?

What if I told you that every street protest is being pushed not by an invisible hand but rather a hidden hand? Things do not get formed out of nothing.  I have been looking at all the street protest over the years and they all are pushing the same agenda hatred. No my friend it is not peace or a specific standing up for a certain topic. It simply is hatred. So are the people behind this agenda spreading hatred simply doing it because it is in their blood.

In 11 hours this video has received over 6 million votes.Comments l…

Human Crisis #VolcándeFuego #Guatemala Volcán de Fuego People Still Homeless by Veronica Davis 2018-11-21

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Human CrisisDisplaced People Around the WorldHuman CaravansStreet Protests  Corrupt Politics  
Human Crisis  #VolcándeFuego #GuatemalaVolcán de Fuego People Still Homelessby Veronica Davis 2018-11-21

Lava continues to flow off the Volcan de Fuego, in Guatemala. The footage below is taken on November 19, 2018. People have remained displaced and homeless since its first eruption of June 3, 2018. Locals in fear of another eruption continue on living in tent cities. Living in tent cities has been a worldwide way of people living around the world. Is this the new way of living?

People are taken proper measures this time from the last eruption. They municipal stadium Armando Barillas de Escuintla is currently the emergency shelter for hundreds of locals. A local resident says that by midnight of November 18, 2018 she could hear several loud moanings of the Volcano de Fuego. Sounds alot like what Our Lord Jesus Christ said :

But while the bridegroom …

Canadian Archbishop Leonardo Marin Emergency Trip to Mexico

Human CrisisDisplaced People Around the World

Human Crisis  Canadian Archbishop Leonardo Marin Emergency Tripby Veronica Davis 2018-11-21
Tijuana Mexico has over 30,000 homeless worldwide people the United States have not accepted asylum over the last two years. The people live in tents sometimes homeless. The United States had been rejecting Syrians as well as African asylum seekers.

Now some people of Tijuana are becoming violent not wanting the caravan from Latin America in their hometown. They have been beating up kids and other migrants. The people are afraid to leave their camps. One one occasion a man claimed that they were running from violence and they do not mean any harm to anyone. Today over 5,000 migrants are living in tents meters away from the Tijuana Mexico United States border.

Hopeful people have been applying asylum from within the camp. A Canadian Archbishop  has been contracted to work with the  Latin American caravan. There is a possibility he says that they will …

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