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Censorship Trend CPAC 2019

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Censorship Trend  CPAC 2019  Three media advocates attend CPAC 2019. American media independent journalist Laura Loomer has been banned from social media platforms. Diamond and Silk have been censored as well. Watch this powerful woman speak the truth. Social Media Censorship, free speech became a hot topic at CPAC 2019. Today organizations are  banning powerful voices from their premises. There are too many cases that are occurring preventing them from speaking the truth.

Jesus Christ taught his sheep to speak the truth. Jesus Christ told his Disciples when he spoke the first sermon known as The Beatitudes:

Blessed are you when people hate you, drive you out abuse you, denounce…

Censorship Trend: Radio Correspondent Detained in Granada Nicaragua Sunday July 29, 2018

Censorship Trend: Radio Correspondent Detained in Granada Nicaragua Sunday July 29, 2018by Veronica Davis 2018-07-30
More censorship all around Nicaragua as radio hosts are being kidnapped by paramilitary live during their coverage. Last Week rogue leader Daniel Ortega claimed that Nicaragua paramilitary has never detained or has been present during the day during peaceful marches. Ironically, Daniel Ortega was criticized by the whole Nicaraguan nation over the lies that slithered down his throat when interviewed live by Fox News. In the interview, he stated that the paramilitary has never been present in any demonstration not taking responsibility for his actions.

In Washington  over 8 countries including United States , Canada , and Brazil  are condemning his Daniel Ortega actions.

And now, Radio Correspondent for Canal 10 in Granada, Nicaragua Roberto Collado Urbina is detained by the paramilitary on Sunday’s live radio transmission during a peaceful march .

At 6:39 PM - 29 Jul 201…

Censorship Trend: Freedom of Wearing what you like!

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Censorship Trend: Freedom of Wearing what you like! 2018-05-02 by Veronica Davis
Now we all know  Kayne West is known for Music. But perhaps what else he is known for, Fashion . Kayne West is known to be one of the most creative people in the fashion industry creating fashion shows better than some well known designers. When he appeared on TMZ on May 1, 2018 he meant every word he said. He spoke about slavery, censorship, cosmetic surgery and prescribed drugs and about his melt down in 2017. But what he forgot to speak about was the obvious. Why he was actually there.

Silencing what we wear.

Is it right.

Suppressing some ideas like what we wear through censorship. Attacking an individual or a group for what they are wearing.

I believe that this is not just about free thinking or slavery but much more.
Not about slavery not abou…