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Human Crisis Trend: Nicaraguan Worried Electricity will be Turned Off

 Nation-less Trend  Human Crisis Trend Coup D'etat Trend

Human Crisis Trend: Nicaraguan Worried Electricity will be Turned Off by Veronica Davis 2018-04-23 11:40 am

#sosnicaragua #humanrights #humancrisis #nicaragua #NoALaViolencia #QueremosLaPaz

Yesterday San Cristobal Volcano Explodes, a Sign of the Wrath Happening in the Country of Nicaragua, God working in Mysterious Ways

#sosnicaragua where are the world leaders 2018 04 23
It is day six of the massacre in Nicaragua. The very few reported that are allowed to speak in Nicaragua are reporting that they will turn off the Electricity tonight. They are asking for independent reporters to cover the news since they journalist community is being oppressed. For now Internet is slow.

This morning Monseigneur Silvio Baez asks today to pray the Archangel prayer to fight demonic forces.

Today their will be a Peaceful March at 3 pm to end the Oppresion against the Dictatorship of Daniel Ortega. Bloodshed is on  the streets  .

On April 23, 20…

Human Crisis Trend: Nicaragua's Sandinistas Pulling Trucks of Stones

 Nation-less Trend  Human Crisis Trend Coup D'etat Trend

Human Crisis Trend:Nicaragua's Sandinistas Pulling Trucks of Stones by Veronica Davis 2018-04-21

Day Three Ortega Government Shooting its own People in the Streets
If the Nicaragua Goverment wanted order, they would of had it long time ago. But it is the chaos that they want The lies of a dictatorship government with a communist leader and his wife a real practising witch. They are known as "brujos del poder".

May God Bless Nicaraguan people .A young 18 year old Michael Cruz dies yesterday from police brutality. The Mother of Michael Cruz mourns her son in the funeral but has not quit in speaking up the truth. In the next video you will hear her  blaming the Ortega Sandinista Communist Government. She says that they want a civil war. 

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"I do not care if they threaten me, I am not afraid of them" says Michael Cruz Mother as she mour…

Human Crisis Trend: Sandinistas Thugs of War

 Nation-less Trend  Human Crisis Trend Coup D'etat Trend

Human Crisis Trend:You have heard of Antifa now the Nicaragua's Sandinistas Thugs of Warby Veronica Davis 2018-04-20
#humanrights #humancrisis  #nicaragua #NoALaViolencia #QueremosLaPaz

Freedom of Speech has been unplugged by the Press as the Country has created a power outage.
Old people were beaten up in the streets and one child has lost its eye.Nicaragua Communist Sandista's Thugs of War 2018 04 20 10 03 09 AM
Le sacan el ojo - en Marcha contra la Reformas del INSS

Worried family members outside of Nicaragua are being left from outside world communication. People cashing check fear of bank closures.

Just like the United States Antifa so co-exists the Sandista in Nicaragua. Is the Devil trying to reign over God's Throne. Causing disorder all over the world.

To a country like Nicaragua  where thousands have fled to other countries due to the Sandistas Communist Revolution has the innocent ones that stayed there…

Human Crisis Trend: Caravan From Central America Compassion over Hatred

Human Crisis Trend:  1,300 Hondurans  on Foot Compassion Over Hatredby Veronica Davis  2018-04-03
When you spread hatred instead of compassion for the meek and the poor , then the media will get no where. As it is written and said by Jesus Christ himself  "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.( Saint Matthew 5:3). Expected to reach the United States border in and around April 11, 2018 a group of asylum seekers mainly 88% from Honduras. The Human Crisis Continues as more people walk on foot around the world to reach freedom from persecution and danger . On December 3, 2018 a corrupt Honduras Government has been leaving people in fear as read in "Coup d'état Trend : A Country in Crisis, Dangers of a Coup d'état Trend " on December 03, 2017. When people disguised as media go out and label human beings as M 13 or as an army when they do not have weapons is really concerning on the level of compassion for human beings. It is happening …

Human Crisis Trend: The Real Leaders

Human Crisis Trend The False Prophet Trend Blackout Trend Weather Warfare Trend The A.I TrendChem trail TrendAtmospheric Geoengineering TrendWeather Manipulation TrendAccount Suspension Trend
Human Crisis Trend: The Real LeadersJanuary 12, 2018   2:30 pm Veronica Davis #Dreamers #DreamActNow #DACA #defendtps #AmericasMeltingPot #DiversityIsStrength #Dreamers #WeAreALLImmigrants

How can one build faith in hard and lost times. You know each time I write or do a video about the TPS , DACA, or about the Dreamers I have a hard time writing.

Because in the middle of all these 800,000 young children in America, I feel they  are being pushed around like cattle .

"They" are Enticing Fear.
There is the one side on the right and there is the other side on the left.

While one side MAY look like they are walking right along these Children.
"MAY" be a deception.
There level of selfishness makes me think that they are bad leaders. 
On the other side, there is the others whom do …

Human Crisis Trend: Train Derailment, Strange Human Events December 18, 2017

Climate Chaos TrendHistory Repetition Trend Nation Against Nation Trend
Human Crisis Trend: Train Derailment, Strange Human Events December 18, 2017Monday 2017-12-18 5:00 pm
#humancrisis #news #worldincrisis #breakingnews #love #peace #yeshua

Today it is December 18 2017, Is Humanity setting themselves up for chaos? Or Are we being it really what it seems? Why so much Strange Behaviors and  Events today.

Watch video of Today's December 18, 2017 Breaking News of Strange Events a Human Crisis Trend: Train Derailment.

United States
For Hours Atlanta Airport Left In Total Darkness It has been almost 24 hours now as strangest thing occurred in America's largest airport. Several  hours ago the news began to surface. ‘No excuse’: Atlanta airport power outage strands travelers in darkness for nearly 11 hours says the Washington Post but is it all that it seems or is there more to the story."The outage, which completely crippled the airport’s infrastructure, was caused…