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Earthquake off Nicaragua Coast November 1 2019

Chile Solomon Islands Argentina Earthquakes 10 KM

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Chile Solomon Islands Argentina Earthquakes 10 KM9/26/2019 by Veronica Davis
A 6.2 earthquake in Chile. People are claiming the sun looking strange.
Thursday September 26 2019, 20:31:30 UTC 14km NW of Coquimbo, Chile 5.4 mag 36.9 km depth. Ironically this was a 10 km depth which concludes the 10 km depth trend.

Thursday September 26 2019, 19:07:43 UTC 39km SSW of Honiara, Solomon Islands
Thursday Se…

10 km depth earthquake Trend May 2019

Earthquakes during Holy Week 2019

April 19, 2019 Good Friday Earthquakes

All major quakes happened on water today.  Ocean quakes on Holy Week and a quiet day for earthquakes on Good Friday so far. Nicaragua and Indonesia has had the  strongest Earthquakes today April 19 2019. Nicaragua's East coast has been a live area in the past year with earthquakes occurring in the same region.  The Masachapa, Nicaragua earthquake is of 4.9 magnitude with a large enough depth of 52 km. Followed by a 4.5 earthquake in Russia water.  Indonesia has hit the frequent 10 km depth trend. The Redoubt Volcano quake has been a trend so far. Each time near that area the quake gets deeper. Redoubt Volcano and the Anchor Point Alaska in the United States also in Russia were the deepest quakes today. The 2 more ocean quakes 39km WSW of Champerico, Guatemala. That would make a total number of 5 quakes near the same region on the East Coast line on Guatemala and Nicaragua coastline.

Above 4.9 depth Earthquakes

Current Time 3:38pm central


Earthquake Trend 10 km Blood Moon Quakes

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Earthquake Trend 10 km Blood Moon Quakes2019-01-20
Current time 4:44 pm 22:44:33 UTC

So far hours away from a total eclipse that will last over an hour the only one this year. It has been quiet day today for earthquakes.

10 km Depth Trend

Sunday January 20 2019, 08:45:25 UTC13 hours ago6km E of Brawley, CA1.210.4
Sunday January 20 2019, 09:54:17 UTC12 hours ago14km ESE of Pamandzi, Mayotte 4.8 10.0
Sunday January 20 2019, 10:16:12 UTC12 hours ago13km ENE of Talkeetna, Alaska 1.6 10.0
Sunday January 20 2019, 10:21:10 UTC12 hours ago3km NNE of Upland, CA 1.111.3
Sunday January 20 2019, 12:30:21 UTC10 hours ago14km ESE of Anza, CA0.410.4
Sunday January 20 2019, 14:05:29 UTC8 hours ago50km SE of Mountain, Colombia4.5 10.0
Sunday January 20 2019, 14:28:30 UTC8 hours ago114km WSW of Jiajuedibu, China5.2 9.6
Sunday January 20 2019, 1…